Tuesday, August 16, 2011


McDonalds is such a hot button topic in the parenting world that I feel slightly scandalous even bringing it up. Oh yeah, and judged, I guarantee I have been judged, and I haven't even told you the story yet.

First the facts:

1. My family eats at McDonalds (more than we should)

2. McDonalds is affordable (like 5 people for under $20 and then some affordable!)

3. McDonalds is unhealthy (even the "healthy" options)

4. We own a lot of happy meal toys (we don't buy happy meals, but I am obsessed with collections so...)

Those are the facts. Take them or leave them. This is the story.

Last night I was exhausted and I didn't want to make dinner (and yes I understand that I feel this way every night so it's really no excuse). My son asked for McDonalds and I was riding this adrenaline high from managing to run 3 errands in under 1 hour with a 4 year old in tow, so I agreed.

We picked up the younger twin from Aikido, drove towards home on accident, circled back and found a McDonalds that we don't usually go through.

I ordered a cajillion plain cheeseburgers and some fries and we drove up towards the window where you pay. As we got close an attractive young asian man stuck his head out the window and waved both hands at us enthusiastically saying, "Come! Hello! Welcome to McDonalds!"

I was thoroughly impressed with the service with a smile that I was receiving. After handing him my money, he counted my change. As he was handing it back, he grasped my hand in his and said wholeheartedly, "Thanks from China for coming to this McDonalds." I am from China and China thanks you!"

I drove off grinning from ear to ear at his enthusiasm and at the conversation that had begun in the back seat of my van.

"I'm from McDonalds thanks for coming."

"I'm from China, thank YOU for coming."

" My McDonalds thanks you."

"My Chinese thanks you."

and so on and so forth. all the way home.

I realize that when you just read the text it looks like my sons were mocking the kind man. In reality they were emulating him. My heart was bursting with pride as I listened to them try to get the enthusiasm and genuine thanks that we had heard in his voice just right. They were taking this impressive example of someone being positive about the work they do and trying their hardest to replicate it. They were succeeding and to hear the kindness, energy and wholeheartedness coming from my sons made my night just a little more outstanding.

this blog has been brought to you by another satisfied McDonalds customer.


  1. That's incredible. What an amazing opportunity for your precious boys to learn such a valuable lesson. It's a lesson not too many people learn even as adults. You must have felt like one of the most proud moms at that point. I would say that's score one for Mcdonalds.

  2. So of course I am one that has a strong opinion of McDonald's. (no surprise)....I have vivid memories as a child going there as a very special treat. My father would take me there and let me choose between a milkshake or fries (never both)......as a teen of course I ate there a ton like every other teen. Now as a parent, I have decided to let my kids stay in the dark for awhile. It is just because fast food places are one of those things that once they get the taste and experience of it then every time we drive by it, I will hear the whining for it....and so it makes life so much easier and a little healthier (although there are plenty of other places to get junk food)....to just avoid the place for now. My kids have no clue about happy meals or the toys that are apart of them. We were tempted briefly to get a smurf toy for them there, but I just want to keep them away from the place for now...And yes it is cheap as far as eating out but since we hardly ever eat out anyways, when we do I guess we try to go healthier (ya know, Sharky's pizza...hee...hee)

  3. I just now saw this post... I LOVE It, :). Paticularly cause it points out what a hot button topic Mcdonalds is!! I took my kids to mcdonalds the other day, and as I was saying it, was "afraid" because I knew what a "bad parent" this made me look like and ect... But then I decided to not care, we go to mcdonalds to play inside (its 115 outside!!!). And OF course, get french frys!!! Besides, I really don't think occasional mcdonalds is going to kill them... hopefully I'm right on this!!!