Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grateful for tomorrows

Oh lordy, the day I had last week! It reminded me of how grateful I am that tomorrow is always a chance to get a do over.

"that day" started with yelling that resulted in  my four year old being scared and sad and overwhelmed. I felt the exact same way. It wasnt the sunny happy morning I was hoping for.

I dont handle the morning routine well and thats where the trouble started. Combine that with an impromptu game of hide and seek that I wasnt privvy too that went on for 40 minutes before I realized what was happening and you can see the recipe for disaster brewing.

Once I found the stark naked child and chastised him for hiding and taking nearly an hour to get dressed we moved on to the homework craziness.

The youngest said it was too hard and began crying. His homework was to draw 4 pictures so I got more than a little frustrated at the tears. He's only allowed to cry when its calculus, didn't he get the memo? The oldest did his completely wrong and illegible and when I cajoled him to maybe try again he went into hysterics about how I hate him and think he's does everything wrong and then I stopped listening.

While I realize it's mostly my fault because
a. we shouldn't be doing homework in the morning
b. I should have an organized morning routine
c. I'm 29 and should be able to hold my hysterics in and not unleash them on unsuspecting children

I also don't acknowledge that it's my fault because
a. it was their aunties last day on the island and we had to choose between family and homework. Family won.
b. No matter how I organize the morning routine someone in my family unorganizes it. New plan is to threaten cafeteria food for lunch if they don't tow the line in the morning. They've been eating a lot of school lunch.
c. It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.

But, like I said, I am sooooooooooooooooo grateful for tomorrows. For this particular tomorrow I tried harder, took deeper breathes and we all had a magical day.

Then the next day I lost it again...but remembering my lesson... I got us back on track much quicker and we salvaged the day and the weekend.

Aren't you grateful for tomorrow? It could be better than today.

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