Monday, April 4, 2011

She just likes to skin puppies

That's the line that ended my evening tonight.

This morning I excitedly got out this Villains of Disney puzzle to do with my children. Only the youngest wanted to help but I got hooked on working on it.

I find puzzles very relaxing.

The day went on and I had other things to do, so the puzzle was put aside. When my children went to bed tonight I sat down to work on it a little, this quickly became a marathon of, I am not getting up til this is finished.

As I was reaching the end and only the really hard pieces were left my cousin sat down to help me. This then turned into us singing disney songs from each of the movies featured in the puzzle. Then our favorite disney songs. Then just ridiculous songs that were sometimes trailers on disney movies. Let me tell you, we sounded goooooood :P

We finished the puzzle with only minimal amounts of me throwing puzzle pieces and yelling ( cause that's all a part of how I relax) when my cousin posed the question, "which one do you think was the most evil?"

So we went through them.

  • Sh-yu conquered nations and killed little kids, that's pretty bad.
  • Cheshire cat tricked and teased Alice, not so bad.
  • Queen of Hearts threatened "off with their head" but we never saw her go through with it. She just seemed angry.
  • Captain Hook tried to hunt and kill little boys and indians. He was not known for his tolerance.
  • Maleficent was just mad that she got left out. It sort of made her like that kid in high school that people teased so they got mean and then no one teased them anymore, they feared them. Maybe people should have been nicer to her.
  • Jafar wanted to rule the world and if you stood in his way he could turn into a snake and try to kill you. But really he was just power hungry.
  • Scar was pretty evil. He murdered his brother and made his nephew think it was all his fault just to gain power.
  • Ursula was seriously like the devil. She tricked innocent merpeople and stole their souls.
  • Hades was not so bad. He was just sure he was getting a raw deal and wanted to rule the universe so he could be a part of all the fun parties the other Gods were having.
  • The Evil Queen didn't even have a name, that's weird. She tried to kill her stepdaughter.
  • Of yeah and Cruella Devil, she just likes to skin puppies.

Once this was done we collapsed in a fit of giggles over the ridiculousness of disney villains. Seriously, what have I been letting my kids watch? Guess now we'll have to have a conversation about how it's not ok to skin puppies no matter how much you want a new coat. OR maybe that will just give them ideas, my kids are pretty crafty. Hmmmmm......

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