Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm self medicating

My life is (insert whiny adjective here) and as always, I try to find the bright side. When it gets to be a little overwhelming, I self medicate. Not with actual medication (I don't even take aspirin or vitamins and I am way to cheap to pay for rx or street drugs!) but with projects.

My house is a maze of unfinished projects and my head is always brimming with ideas. I love to start projects and rarely do I ever finish them. So....when I get stressed I turn to those projects as a way find control and accomplishment.

Case in point, my husband lost his job a few weeks ago. His company closed up their offices here on Maui. So, he is now home fulltime (except when he is at the unemployment office or job interviews). This means I suddenly have more help throughout the day and more time to focus on other things.

I have had the supplies to remodel my downstairs for awhile. The tv in that room broke and while we were waiting for the new one to arrive it seemed like the perfect time to clean out the room and start the remodel. At least that's why I thought I was doing it initially.

As it turns out, projects are a great way to escape when your husband is home to take care of the house and kids. So every day for the past two weeks I have come downstairs and pulled up carpet, tiled, painted etc... while my amazing husband has fed the kids, bathed the kids, taken care of homework time, washed dishes, and completed multiple projects of his own around our house.

It has really allowed me a place to escape where I can focus on little things,  like grout lines, instead of big things, like unemployment and friends and family members issues. I love my kids, my husband and my house, but I have also loved taking a break from the responsibilities that come along with loving them.

Now it is drawing to a close and the project is almost finished and I find myself flailing. I am not yet ready to think about the worlds problems again, I really really enjoyed ignoring them. I am drawing it out as long as I can but the reality is, the job is done. So now I wonder, what is the next project? Does anyone else need painting and tiling done?


Any projects?

I hate to say it but I am probably going to have to go cold turkey and just face reality.

I knew I didn't like turkey:(

Wait, I think I see some spots that still need to be finished. Quick, to the paintbrushes!!

Aaaaaahhhhh, now that's the stuff.

My husband is awesome! I am posting this for the world to see because sometimes I don't think I tell him often enough.
Also, he's brilliant, like off the charts IQ brilliant.
Soooo....if you know anyone looking for a software engineer (that means writing computer programs) or something similar feel free to spread the word on how amazing he is.

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