Monday, March 14, 2011

The train elf

We have a giant train set and our sons love it.

You know that show, "Destroy, Build, Destroy"?

That sums up a large part of the fun of this particular toy.

It's only been this past year that the twins have been old enough to accomplish the engineering feat that is building a train set.

Well I consider it an accomplishment, the train elf seems to find it a little lacking.

You see every time the twins fill a room with train joy and wonder I let them leave it out so the play can continue til I can handle the mess no longer. They eventually take a break from train mayhem and they also eventually sleep.

As soon as this happens the train elf appears.

He is very large for an elf (almost 6ft) and while he is visiting, the child built train set takes on all sorts of exciting twists and tuns. Forced together pieces become beautiful stretches of winding track. Everything is sorted in a masterful display. Colors get sorted out and every switch and stop is tested.

The next morning when my boys wake up they are obliviously proud of what great builders they are and don't ever seem to notice that the train elf did a lot of work. **(point of interest: I just heard the train elf say, "does this look like what they built?")** Apparently he is actively trying to deceive them. Or give them confidence, depends on how you look at it.

I for one find the train elf ritual amusing and endearing, hope my boys will too when they someday discover it :)

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