Sunday, March 13, 2011

Point of Clarification

So I am not going to retract my previous post regarding time management, but I am going to clarify.

#1 (these are my excuses) It was the middle of the night (I use this term loosely) when I wrote that blog and I didn't proof it (which I usually do by reading it aloud to the dog). I had just heard a very funny story about a "busy lady", I felt guilty for getting nothing done all weekend including blogging and I was a little loopy from the vast amounts of cookies I snuck at the BBQ.

#2 Now that you can see where I am coming from please don't take it personally. I just meant that we all have those moments occasionally and I was addressing the fact that I believe I may have a problem in this area. Take today for example: I practically bragged to my neighbor about my "busy day" and then I did minimal work, ate too much bread and watched teeny bopper shows on hulu while my sons built their train set. Productivity was next to nil.

#3 I have very few close friends (I don't know if it's BO or what, but people keep their distance) :) All of those friends are truly busy people (I've seen their calendars!) and I admire them for it. I feel overwhelmed if I have one thing each day that I have to do. Having to pee at an inopportune time or the need to shower daily are sometimes all I can handle by way of a schedule. Yet these ladies do 10 things a day and look good doing it (they have their flaws and crosses to bear as well). So I end up feeling like I need to make excuses because I don't live up to their standards. But I am not them and they are not me, my post was me self reflecting on that for a moment.

#4 Friend that prompted this post, don't feel bad, I'm glad I got a chance to think it over a little more and perhaps slightly alter my judgey tone. Too all friends out there, it wasn't about you, I promise. :)

Let me end this by saying that I really have to go because I have soooo much to do. Why? Because I didn't do it all day :) This is my cross to bear.

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