Friday, March 4, 2011

Conversations in my car

I have a minivan and my 3 boys sit in the far back seat. It gives them this false sense of privacy and they abandon all secrecy and say the craziest things to each other.

We don't allow toys or radio in the car so what's left is kidz bop or conversation. I can only handle so much kidz bop.

Tonight we were coming home from the most inappropriate "kids" movie we've probably ever seen and my sons had one of these candid conversations. I sat quietly and tried to memorize every word as I soaked it all in. Listening to these conversations is often the highlight of my day, I might make it a regular blog topic to share with all 11 of my followers, but no promises. It's hard to remember the sheer randomness of these moments.

Oldest: When I grow up I am going to repair new houses and give the money to poor people.

Middle: Poor means they have no money right?

Youngest: No, poor means they are sad.

Oldest: Guys, poor means they have nothing and they are sad, you're both right.

Oldest: But I'm only going to repair houses part-time, like Mondays, Fridays and Thursdays. The other days I'm going to kill robbers cause somebody has to make robbers extinct.

Middle: What does exinct mean?

Youngest: Extinct means all dead. Like mammals. Mammals are going to be extinct.

Middle: What's a mammal?

Youngest: Like you silly! We are mammals and we are going to be extinct.

Oldest: So we're all going to be dead? Oh. Probably someday plants will be extinct too.

Middle: Well when that happens I am going to repair rocket cars. Mom how much do rocket cars cost? Can we get one?

I'll stop here as I entered the conversation. I suck the funny and random right out of those b oys every time.

Now I can hear them all in their room getting ready for bed, and planning what their superpowers will be :)

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