Monday, February 28, 2011

I want to ride my bicycle

Guess what?
I got a new bike!!!!!! And I got a cool trailer bike to ride the wee ones too. And, I built the two together myself. Can you say brilliant? Cause I just did. Brilliant.
Life is good.
You'll be happy to know that I am wearing appropriate attire during all bike riding moments. But now that it's a bicycle built for two I am getting noticed in a whole new sort of freakshow way.
First time out around the neighborhood I got 12 finger points, 2 cools, 4 shouts, 5 wild gestures, one lady running towards me shrieking and I stopped a car in traffic as they rolled down their window to give a head nod, thumbs up and quiet, "awesome."
How was your last bike ride?
You know me, I am just glad I can still find ways to entertain the neighborhood.
On a side note, helmets suck.
I will deny this fact if you tell my children and I will continue wearing my youth size turtle shell style graphiti boys helmet from ross to support the fact that they need to wear theirs.
But really? They make my head hot and sweaty, offer me only one hairstyle option, which trust me is not a good option, and take off like 5 style points from my usual -2 look.
Look forward to more biking posts soon because it's official, I am obsessed. And when I'm obsessed I won't shut up about it.
That's all folks, enjoy the rare pic of my super sweet ride. Now, stop drooling on your computer/phone. Caught you didn't I?
P.s. I hope I made at least one person (other than my husband) sing when they read this blog post title. Why? Cause that Queen song is awesome!


  1. love the bike! man, i wish i could bike over with lucy and we could be in the waikapu bike gang! can't wait till i can get a cute little extra bike like yours for her to peddle and have the space to store it too :) yay for bike riding. yeah, i can't stand helmets either. i don't wear one but make lucy wear hers-at least she's stoked to wear the sesame street gang on her head.

  2. April it would be so fun if we could bike together!! Maybe I'll bring mine to Kihei sometime :) The bike attachment comes off so it is no harder to store than any other kids bike, a definite plus!

    As for the helmets, I spend too much of my time as a parent feeling like a hypocrite, this is one area that I decided to lead by example, even though I don't like it.

    I wish I had a sesame street helmet, it might make me like helmets more!!