Friday, February 4, 2011

The dilemma

We have a busy weekend planned!

I am excited for all the fun family time we are going to have.

Except it means that I am going to get nothing done all weekend. (I rarely consider having fun an accomplishment or add it to my to do list) (maybe I should start?)

Here in lies the dilemma.

Tonight we are making fishing poles and having a family game night, no going out because the boys are exhausted from a late night earlier this week.

Saturday we have Aikido, Chinese New Year Festival, grocery shopping and a UFC BBQ.

Sunday is fishing and beach morning and superbowl bbq afternoon.

That is a serious amount of fun packed into one weekend for our family. We are generally one thing a day sort of people and whatever happens, happens. You can see why I am excited right?

Yet instead of focusing on the fun and excitement I am sitting here dwelling on the desk that needs to be organized, the plants that need pruning, the garage that needs cleaning, the room that needs to be reorganized, the house that needs to be pressure washed and the bike rides and walks I am missing out on. :(

Sometimes I really wish I could turn my brain off and enjoy the moment. Sometimes I can but then afterwards reality hits double hard as I realize I had fun at the expense of other things.This makes me behave like a pirate as I stomp around aaarrrggghhh'ing my way through the day. I get seriously huffy sometimes.

So, unbeknownst to my husband, I am going to make a choice to try and focus on the fun stuff and squeeze a little productivity in too. When he gets home I will ambush him with my brilliant ideas and he will support me, because that's what he does. This will require more effort on his part but could preserve some of my sanity. He'll probably think it's worth it, or maybe not because he just rebuilt his computer and is probably dying to use it. Maybe I can plan computer time in too.

Then I can have every minute of the day planned and when it doesn't work out, I can freak, cancel everything and vow never to make plans again.

Or I could take a deep breath and relax.

You know, I have options.

Here's hoping for a weekend of fun, food, friends and productivity.

Stupid brain, stop telling me I'm doomed!


  1. Brigette forget about the things that you think you need to get done. They'll still be there. Enjoy your boys and family fun time, because before you know it, they'll be grown and you'll kick yourself for not spending more fun time with them when they were younger!

  2. Thanks, I need to be reminded of that!