Monday, January 31, 2011

Solitaire is a game for one.

My cousin sat down at the table last night and said he was going to play solitaire. 

Then, he asked if anyone wanted to play with him.

My face completely fell as I took on this dumbfounded/astounded look and said, "Isn't solitaire for one person?"

He explained that you can play with as many people as you want and there is a version called speed solitaire that's for two people.

I continued with my thought line, "But solitaire means for one?" (me holding up one finger quizzically)

Then my sisters fiance explains to me that there is a chinese solitaire game that is for more than one player and it's really fun.

I persist with my thought line, "But solitaire is solitary. It HAS to be called something else if it's for two players!"

At this point as I am raising my voice and getting rather insistent they both give up on me and I walk away. I walk down the stairs shaking my head in wonderment at how they can not understand this basic concept and word meaning.

Once downstairs I am still perplexed and almost to the point where I am feeling the need to go back upstairs and argue my point when I have an AHA! moment :)

Oooooooohhh yeah....they are not trying to trick me or lie to me and it doesn't matter what a game is called.
(seriously took me like 5 minutes to realize this. I may be a little slow on the uptake folks.)

I didn't think I was someone who really got fixated on things like that (I have some family members that love to argue about things like this so I am VERY familiar with the sort of someone it takes). Whoa, what was I becoming! I shook my head at myself and resolved to chill out a little bit.

Then my sisters fiance comes out by where I am exercising and just shakes his head and laughs at me saying, " man, that solitaire thing..."and that makes it official, I am such a dork.

p.s. Was very tempted to put the definition of solitaire here to rub in the fact that I must be right. I resisted.

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