Monday, January 17, 2011

I am trying everything!

I am determined to go back to having an active lifestyle. The other day someone tried to compliment me by saying they were so proud that I was really exercising for the first time in my life. I had trouble saying thank you.

The deal is twofold, one I am not trying to "really" exercise. I am trying to go back to the times when I had an active lifestyle (this lifestyle has disappeared every time I have ever had an office job) It's hard to combat sitting on your butt for 7 hours! I am just trying to get off my butt more and play with my kids or take my dog for walks. I tried "real" exercise yesterday. It sucked and now my legs hurt so that's a big thumbs down. Secondly, it's not the first time in my life. I know now (back then I thought I was overweight) that I was a healthy weight for me from sixth grade thru my second year in college. My weight remained constant that entire time and I remained active. I walked everywhere, rode bikes, went hiking and played a lot of frisbee. I most definitely did not sit on my butt all the time.

So here I am today, very overweight due in large part to my lack of exercise and in small part to my three children and poor eating habits (which I have always had). I am trying everything I can think of to get more active with my day. So far getting up early has led to more chores. Right after school has proven to be too hot. Early evening is very dependent on when my husband gets home and how much patience I have with my kids. Evenings just suck. I like walking, jogging or hiking the most as forms of exercise. I could do them 10 times a day and not get bored, it's just finding the time because according to myfitnesspal I need about an hour everyday.

That is where I am at in my challenge to get healthy. Now I will go back to posting funnier things I promise.


  1. Hi, I struggle with this same thing!
    I bought some workout dvd's online and use them on days I cannot make it to the gym or it's rainy or too hot outside. Just put the dvd in and get going. It's good your legs are hurting, that means you are breaking down the muscles and they are building back up stronger and better. I tell myself if I am not sore then you didn't work hard enough. The sore-ness will go away and what helps it is to get out and work them out again to stretch it out. I remind myself of this all the time (and my husband too!) You have got to put the workouts 1st over some things in life. I am the first to even put my dog in line before my workouts but, it's just a way to get out of it. Hang in there... you can do it!
    Remember... Time for B! :)

  2. I have to say you are an inspring person! Your comments, your emails and your general thoughtfulness and helped me through many moments in the past few months. Thanks for always being willing to share ideas!!!