Saturday, November 20, 2010


I knew it would happen sometime, but hoped not this soon. I forgot to post yesterday :(
I was going to post about Bunco so I wanted to wait til after it happened. But then I was tired and my head hurt so remembering to blog was not something that happened.

Anyways, I went to Bunco last night!! This is the one, once a month, thing that I schedule to do for myself. 12 ladies hanging out, eating food and playing a dice game with zero skill. It's a nice way to unwind. I always enjoy myself (well except for this one time) but I have to drag myself there. The day of, I generally am tired, busy, preoccupied, grumpy or something and it's a minor miracle that I actually make it out of my house and to whichever friend is hosting it. It shouldn't be this hard, I should want to do things for myself and go places.

Oh well, self inspection complete. I had a lot of fun and took many mental pictures of my friends lovely house. I won a new beverage dispenser (mine both got broken last month) and got my friend to give me part of her prize (an apron which I desperately needed). Score right? Oh yeah, and apparently I have a distinctive roll so one whole table of ladies mocked it to get in their final round of the night :) Seriously (in a valley girl tone)

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  1. good for you for getting out and having a little fun! And thanks for a great assembly yesterday afternoon! You are a great PCNC!