Saturday, November 20, 2010

Baking :)

It's time!!! I may wait til after Thanksgiving to decorate for christmas but the baking starts now :)
I can't stop smiling as my thoughts drift to a warm kitchen and comforting smells. I really like to bake.

This year it takes on an especially special place in my heart because two of my sons are in love with baking. They put on their aprons and chef hats get out their ingredients and go to town. One of them can read now and all he wants for Christmas is baking recipe books! My third son, the oldest, is a mad scientist and while we bake he comes up with wild and crazy kitchen ideas for us to try. He lives in a world where everything should be tried differently, never by the rules or following the status quo.

I am getting giddy just imagining the mommy moments I am going to have over the next month!!

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  1. If you need a taste tester you know where I work :)