Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I got older today

It happens every day. We all get 24 hours older.

But today was the annual event where the world stops and honors my birth. Or, at least my family does.

Getting older is a wonderful wonderful thing for me.

With each year that I advance I have the opportunity to gain wisdom, patience, kindness, knowledge and understanding.  I like to think that each year makes me a better person. Of course, I have now reached the point where I can throw grey hairs and wrinkles onto the list of annual attainments, but I actually think they're pretty great too :) I hope to become a silver fox sooner in life rather than later.

I'm not a big fan of celebrating my birthday, although I do love presents, so don't skip that part! Planned celebrations that are focused on me feel a bit like tempting fate so I try to avoid them. Surprises are out too, they make the control freak in me cry a little, and that's not fun for my birthday. I like my birthday to be normal and average in every way, except everybody has to be extra nice to me. Trust me, it makes for a great day! (Not convinced? Just seemy picture of my feet all comfy on the couch. People were being extra nice and letting me chill and put my feet up. I loved it!)

So cheers to a great day and another great year. Just wait til you see me at age 34, I'll be that much more me and you may need sunglasses to shield your eyes from my effervescent amazingness.

I'm telling you, life gets better with age my friends, so much better!


  1. More amazing, eh....ok, I'll try to remember that on my next birthday ;)
    Happy birthday...I'm glad it was special for you :)

  2. Seriously Sarah! You are the best you right now and each year you get better. Plus, each new year gives you a year of hilarious memories to reflect on :) miss you guys!