Sunday, December 14, 2014

I know, I know.

I didn't post for a few days. I'm already getting back into my bad habits. Etc...etc...etc...

The late start to Christmas has been magical and I haven't wanted to interrupt it with anything. It's been a great couple of days.

I'll give you a highlight reel since none of these moments were amazing enough to write a whole blog about. 


Had the worst nap ever. Husband asked why I was so cranky and I tried to explain I that it was a very interrupted nap. He asked the boys if they had been bothering me and they began a long conversation in the car about how you can't bother mommy when she's sleeping, it's impossible. She sleeps in this really cool way where she's only 50% asleep. Like, She doesn't open her eyes but she still hears everything and can have a conversation while she sleeps. :/

Inside Christmas decorations went up. It was the first year the boys got excited to see each ornament and had conversations about where they came from etc... as they were putting them up. So precious! That elf on the shelf that I was positive I donated showed how truly magic it was and appeared in a random box of ornaments. Curly "wired" the tree and is so proud to explain to anyone who will listen how hard it was to figure out all the circuits. So cute! Larry is pretty sure we are living large now that we have a rotating tree stand, it's like we're multi-millionaires! Larry also went create your own Christmas crazy and my decorations have some extra special blinking seizure inducing lighted special effects this year courtesy of him. Beautiful baby loves trees so much that she is now always in her happy place and my rotating tree may become a permanent living room fixture. Moe found the Santa hats and has announced he will wear one every day til Christmas. 2 days in and he's taking his promise seriously. He's adorable.

Attempted outside decorations. Crazy windy and everything was blowing away. Larry kept announcing that anyone who wasn't helping was just giving up on Christmas and was just generally disgusted by the rest of the families lack of holiday gusto. Boys took turns hiding from their brothers and wrapping the presents they had purchased for each other and it produced much yelling and giggling and festive furvor. Ended the evening with those melty bead things. I spent at least 2 hours sorting them by color while husband and boys went creatively crazy making every wonderment they could conceive. Pretty sure the beautiful baby is going to find a million dropped beads and poop colorful plastic for days. It's all very festive.

This time of year is fun :)

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