Thursday, April 3, 2014


Im not sure people realize how often the Cosby show is in my head. As I typed that title I was replaying the tap dance episode in my head: you can check it out here. I replay it mentally every time I work on one of my ever growing number of challenges each day. Bill Cosby and I are basically BFF's.

I've gone challenge crazy and I am loving it. Here's how it all started.

One of sister-in-laws best friends posted a Facebook mile a day marathon challenge. It was free, I was fat, I gave it a chance. My SILBF called to check up on me, posted memes of perfect people looking sweaty telling me that I could do it and my best friends mother-in-law participated for a few days too so I was definitely feeling the love. I got my kids and dogs involved and was walking a couple miles around my neighborhood every night. I sweated, screamed at toads, dragged my kids along and put in some effort. Then the rain came, my baby caught her first illness and I gave up.

Still, It was inspirational. Here's how it continued.

I posted a random thing on Facebook about wanting to actually finish crap around my house. A friend suggested Fly Lady. Have you heard of this lady? I've had her recommended to me a lot (my housework, or lack thereof, is truly gross) and knew she had some philosophy about how cleaning your sink everyday somehow magically changed your life and cleaned your house. Coming off the success high of my mile a day challenge I was like, "Bring it!" I signed up for the gazillion emails a day program and threatened my family with their very lives if they dared to tarnish my newly cleaned and shining sink. There was some yelling, some scared looking kids, some apologizing and my sink stayed spic and span for a whole week! The countertop next to my sink did not stay so clean. I am now taking a brief hiatus from the fly lady emails and just reading through her online propaganda to find my own version of her program. It's a pretty cool theory about how a little bit everyday can bring about big change. She's also big on no guilt, no catching up, just start each day new and do what you can.

Now I was inspired and intrigued. Here was the final building block.

My oldest son has made some huge changes. His counselor is working with him on setting goals and having clear rewards and clear consequences. The results have been pretty amazing. This may seem sort of duh! to you but it was more of an aha! to me. This is when I decided to turn my life into a series of goals/challenges with clear consequences and rewards.

Now I was inspired, intrigued and energized. You're all caught up to the point I'm at today. Challenge crazed and loving it! I am continuing my own version of the fly lady challenge and I started an Operation Get Less Fat challenge on Facebook. I was hoping my sister and maybe one or two friends would help hold me accountable but it turns out I'm incredibly awesome and everyone wants to cyber hangout with me so now the challenge is 38 people strong. They are full of good ideas. Every time I like one I turn it into a challenge. Today I added a 10 push-ups a day challenge, a weirdest place you planked challenge, a drink 64oz of water a day challenge and an eat at least one fruit and vegetable everyday challenge. No one invited me to these challenges, it's just the person that I am now. Still working on a make my yard look less like a cesspool challenge and a keep my nails painted every day challenge but I'm sure I'll get there.

Some people might call this stuff normal everyday life, but for me life is a challenge. If you don't believe me now you will when you see my weirdest place I planked challenge picture. I am so going to win this!!

And now I challenge you to start a challenge today. It's fun!

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