Monday, April 14, 2014


We are shaking things up around our household lately. Literally, the baby just learned the word shake and rattles are now very popular.

We are getting more fit, keeping things in better order, celebrating everyone's successes more and being more intentional with our time. We are well on our way towards becoming that family that makes you sneer every time you hear about another one of their perfect moments that shouldn't be allowed to exist.

Or not. I'm much to honest for anyone to ever think I have an ounce of perfection in me. I am a beautiful mess of imperfections.

But... We are getting a lot happier and healthier.

As we reach towards these goals we are making some big changes. There's a good chance it will all blow up in our faces, but you never know until you try, so we're trying.

First and foremost, I am going to be staying home full time with our beautiful baby girl starting in June! Her nap times are lessening in direct correlation with her awesomeness increasing and it kills me a little inside to miss any moment of it. At ten months old she moves herself all over, smiles, waves, snuggles, sings, throws stuff and screams like a wild banshi. If she continues to flourish at this rate I expect her to  be taking over the world before she's five. I'd be a fool not to want to be a part of her creative process if I have the opportunity right? Thank you to my dear husband for giving me that opportunity.

Second, while Larry has made remarkable gains with the whole depression struggle, we've reached an impasse in several areas. As we've been more able to see some of the patterns he falls into we've seen that we can't help him much more in our current situation. So, we've found a charter school that he can attend from home. He's excited about it and we have high hopes that we can help him see the beginning of his downward spirals so that he doesn't completely shut down on us. The kid is just way too amazing to allow him to disappear like that. Another great part of me being at home is that, if we don't kill each other, my oldest son and I will have some amazing times together, and thanks to his new school schedule, lots of free time to ignore each other too (if needed.)

Third, I know what you're thinking. Don't you have four kids? What will the other two do while one is taking over the world and the other is overcoming childhood depression and become a genius? We had these same questions. So, we sat down with Curly and Moe and gave them a few options. Of course they chose to stay home with me and attend the charter school with their brother. Who wouldn't want to spend all day everyday with me? They are both a little apprehensive and a little excited. As we finish up the school year they are finding many things to look forward to like, no more school uniforms, their own laptops, p.e. everyday and the resurgence of scheduled nap times. They've got their priorities straight all right.

My mind has been reeling as we struggled with what decisions we'd make these past few months but now that the decisions are made I'm getting a little excited too. I may regret it as soon as it starts. I'm guaranteed to miss the job I love, the amazing teachers and the great school that my children have been a part of. But, this is happening, and you, my loyal readers, are unwillingly along for the ride. Be prepared for all that that entails, be prepared.

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