Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's been 2 months!

I can't even believe its been that long since I gave you the gift of reading my blog. I apologize if you felt deprived or abandoned. You have to tell me when I do that to you so I can fix it! I'm very self involved so I need constant reminders that the world needs to hear about my mundane happenings via blog as often as possible. You know how that goes I'm sure.

In the last 2 months I finished up another school year in May, had a healthy baby girl in June and had an emergency appendectomy in July. It's really been a summer of fun.

Lets start with May. 

Crazy times ensued as I tried to finish out the year feeling very fat and sweaty. I grunted and waddled my way through and I'm certain everyone who saw me marveled at my beauty and grace during trying times. My pregnancy mask got to the point where it looked like I was painting my face to look like I had a mustache and unabrow and permanent sunburn. There was drama at work as something that I mailed in march never reached its destination and they didn't notify me til may and then I had to notify everyone involved (which was hundreds) that stuff was lost in the mail. I thought I was going to get fired. It was stressful and bizarre but I'm still employed so there you go. 

My coworkers got together to throw me a surprise baby shower. I don't do well with surprises. Add pregnancy hormones into the mix and we're all lucky that I survived. My boss asked to meet with me after school about something that I thought was already figured out. She's my boss so of course i said yes and made time to meet with her. The more I tried to figure out what we were meeting about the more I became convinced that she was going to fire me for the lost mail screw up. This was all during the same week where everyone was discovering that I was pregnant all of a sudden after 30 something weeks of me being a human incubator. I got a little stressed out to say the least. The day of the event my boss pulls me to her office and asks me the silliest questions about a survey I had created. I didn't understand why she was asking or what I needed to still do on the project and then she pulled me to another part of the building  and we passed a conference room with baby gifts. As we headed to meet another secretary to discuss the survey problem my first thought was, "who's baby shower is it and how come I didn't get the email invite?" My feelings would have been hurt if I hadn't been so preoccupied by the survey issue and the relief that I wasn't getting fired. Finally my boss asks me to go sit in the conference room with her to discuss the survey and I am so flustered I forgot about the presents I'd seen so I head in and everyone yells, "surprise!" I almost cried in relief as everything finally made sense. All the baby questions and people realizing I was pregnant was from the shower invite. The weird meeting was all staged to get me to the shower without knowing. It was a fun shower and I was so blessed with diapers and clothes and books and handmade blankets and burp cloths. I am a part time employee and I don't have a team or department at work so I really wasn't expecting anything and was overjoyed that everyone had gone out of their way to do this for me. Of course I cried a lot later, but its that whole pregnancy thing, I cry at everything and at nothing. It's ridiculous but what can you do?

My friends and family threw me a baby shower in may too. I am so spoiled!! Everything was pink and all my favorite foods were there (I am super picky so this was crazy and unexpected and one friend even flew to another island to pick up my favorite dessert of cocoa puffs from liliha bakery) there were crafts and cute games and lots of time just getting to hang out with the women that I hope will be around to support me and influence my daughters life with their awesomeness. They did amazing things like had everyone buy clothes in different sizes so that I have baby clothes from newborn all the way to 2t. Everyone was so generous and it was so amazing to realize I had reached a point in my life where I had this many friends (probably the most I've ever had) or at least this many people that would pretend to be friends for the chance at holding my baby and catching a whiff of that newborn baby smell. Some people are baby junkies I tell you!

Finally, to end the month, my twins turned 9 on May 31st!! I know what you're thinking, how can I have 9 year olds? I ask myself this all the time. It's something about the birds and the bees and.... Anyways, I threw them a party at 38 weeks pregnant because that's how I roll. My sister and I collected 13 kids at the mall (not randomly, they were invited) and took them to see the movie Epic. We took an entire movie theatre row, 8 bags of popcorn and 6 bathroom trips to make it through the movie. Afterwards we went to the food court to open presents and eat ice cream sundaes from McDonald's. It was a real classy affair :) My sons were thrilled, the movie was great and I got all teary eyed as I marveled at what great friends my boys have. Lucky, lucky, lucky. 

We bought the boys electric scooters for their birthday so my husband rushed home to have them waiting in the driveway when we got home from the movie. As we pulled in the driveway I put on my best agitated mom voice and started lecturing the boys about leaving their scooters and helmets out In the driveway again. They hopped out of the car to take care of it (not wanting to get in trouble on their birthday) and Larry quickly figured out the prank and got very excited about his present. Curly was a little slow on the uptake and was crying and upset because he was sure he hadn't left his stuff out. He actually started to put the scooter away not noticing that it was new until his brother pointed it out. The switch in his face from tears to ear to ear grin was amazing and had me laughing so hard I almost fell over. Next up was learning how to ride their new wheels. After several instances of forgetting to let go of the throttle as they jumped off and being dragged down the road by a runaway scooter they got the hang of it and became the cool kids cruising the neighborhood.

Now lets see, the month of June.... I'll leave that for the next post.

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