Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So excited I could pee my pants!

Well, I'm 19.5 weeks pregnant so I currently feel like I'm going to pee my pants every hour but still, today is a very exciting day.

Today is my 20 week ultrasound. Today we find out if this thing growing inside me has turned into a healthy baby or if I've been carrying around a weird case of indigestion. We also get to find out the sex of the baby!!!! Of course it's not that accurate and I'll probably begin doubting the answer as soon as I hear it, but still...yeah!

The most exciting part is that my husband, mother in law and all 3 of my boys are coming with me. That's right, we're having a party in the perinatalogy lab y'all!!

I have been counting down the days to this. My boys are hilarious about the whole thing. Larry wasn't sure if he wanted to go for quite awhile (I think the whole skipping school part was what convinced him) but last week he was talking to the school counselor and telling her how excited he was (glad he told somebody). Curly is the only one in the family rooting for a boy. I think he'll jump for joy and shout out loud if that's what we find out today. Moe is in baby heaven and its pretty much all he talks about. If its a boy he really wants it to have a name that starts with "T" so we may be needing suggestions.

Yesterday we had a discussion about what would happen at the doctor office. I have been trying to explain what a sonogram is and how it works but I think we'll need to utilize google this morning before we leave. Otherwise they'll come home and make wands and start shouting at walls thinking that a wand and sound makes you have X-ray vision. See? Told you I didn't explain it well. We also went over how they will tell if its a boy or a girl. This is where I'm thankful I have boys. They know that they have penises and girls don't. They have never asked what girls have. They clearly understand and are wildly entertained by the fact that we are going to look inside my stomach to see if the baby has a penis or not. I could write 100 blogs on their discussions on this topic but I'll just leave it at this since my blog is already getting long.

This has been a very cool pregnancy so far. I have all kinds of pregnancy symptoms I never had with my other 2 and I am grown up enough to understand and appreciate them instead of whine or ignore them (except the crying, i will write an entire post on the crying.) My kids are a part of it. I love that they are close together in age and best friends but I have to say pregnancy through an elementary school age kids eyes is really awesome. My husband can't stop talking about baby names and he researches baby products and mulls over schedules etc... He generally shows this level of interest only in video games or fantasy football so it's a laugh and a half to have baby conversations with him (although the 1am wake ups where he makes me write down name ideas that came to him in his sleep I could do without.)

I promise I'll mostly write about the funny pregnancy stuff and skip the sappy but I just couldn't help it today because I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

After we find out we're taking the boys shopping to each pick out an outfit for the baby. I figure we can take a picture of them with the outfits and that way they get to participate in telling everyone what we're having. The magic of Facebook :)

Now I'm off to wake up my boys and get this party started! Wish us luck, health and clear views of baby private parts today!! Also God, if you're reading this, I'd really like to not pee my pants in front of everyone or cry at the doctors office. Amen.

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