Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Definition: A disappointing end to an exciting or impressive series of events.

I'm not sure if the end results were "disappointing", we did find out that the baby is healthy and all the right sizes and shapes. But... that baby kept the privates as private as could be.

I have had a lot of ultrasounds, you get one every month with twins and every two weeks as you get further along. I have never thought it looked more alien or bizarre than today's. There were a whole lot of shadows, spine shots and the top of the head. less exciting than i hoped for. That baby stayed as still as could be in breech position facing towards my toes. I didn't even know babies could lay that way! I can't imagine being an ultrasound tech and having to figure out which shadow means what. Of course my brilliant husband claims he saw everything the tech did and more :) Me? I'm not even sure I actually saw a baby :) My sons all quickly lost interest when they realized the only thing they could identify was the head. They were to shy to ask questions and saved them all up for after.

So, since I have 5 weeks to wait before we get our next peek at the goods I figured I can answer some of their questions for you as I take a stroll down memory lane.

Question: Did I kick you when I was in your stomach?

To Larry and Curly:

Hell yes! Actually, you mostly kicked each other. Until about 6 months you were like a yin yang symbol and constantly kicking each other in the head. Every time we peeked in on you it was like a boxing match where anything goes, toes in the mouth, fingers in the ears, you two were brutal! Towards the end of the pregnancy Larry went head down and kept his feet up in the middle of my stomach and Curly laid straight out on top and settled into my ribs. It hurt to breathe for awhile because Curly wouldn't stop poking, prodding and exploring where no baby was meant to be. All the movement was fun though and I could usually tell which one was up to what. I guess moms have eyes in more places than just the back of their heads!

To Moe:

You had so much room! I got big enough for two so you just swam around in your own special gigantic size pool of amniotic fluid. You were all about the flips and tricks. Babies are supposed to be soothed by moms movement but not you. Nothing soothed you except moving around 24 hours a day. Just like now, you were in charge and you set the pace. We loved you for it then and now. P.s. you made it very clear that you were a boy every chance you got!!

That's all for today but I am loving every minute of you 3 boys and your questions so stay tuned for more answers and stories.

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