Tuesday, October 2, 2012


My friend and neighbor who has 6, yes 6, amazing children, often has outstanding Facebook posts. We don't hang out that often... really, its almost never now that our bunco group has disbanded. (you know how that goes, right?) But, I feel that false sense of closeness and familiarity that only a Facebook friendship can bring (j/k... sort of)
Her posts usually have a delightful glimpse into her children or her life. For instance, today she posted a picture of her oldest sons (I think he's 12) "to do" list from a few months ago. (I asked her if I could share it with you. Adorable right?!)

It got me thinking of a writing project for my boys (they all hate writing so I have to get sneaky with this stuff. Grocery lists, addressing envelopes, mandatory pen pals etc... I take what I can get.)

So tonite we began our discussion on goals. At first everything they thought of was something that could be accomplished this evening. So we decided to write some life goals, cause thats important when you're ages 6 and 8 right? Its actually part of the Kindergarten curriculum for Hawaii's public schools to teach goals and attempt to accomplish them. So, as you can see I am clearly doing this all for them and their education. Or it could be for the sheer unadulterated cuteness and ahhhhhhhh factor of it all. And maybe a chance to get crafty and pin a project on the wall, I love excuses to get crafty and pin stuff on the wall.

At first I asked each boy to write 10 goals. This promptly began the always pleasant negotiation process where they break me down until I'm a shadow of my former self, scared to ever open my mouth again. Then they go in for the kill and I meekly agree to whatever will make the negotiations stop. It's 3 against 1 and they are formidable opponents.

 Its started with -

"What about 2?"
"Will you take 1 and a half?"

That was just the warmup offers. They knew my defenses weren't lowered yet. Then began -
"Do we each have to write 10 or can it be 10 altogether?"
"What if we just tell you 10 and don't have to write anything?"
"Okay, what about we tell you 15 and only write our top 1?"

At this point my choice is to take the least offensive offer or suffer through the completely ridiculous and outlandish ones that are sure to come next.

We settled on a cumulative 10.

The brainstorming amazingness began and we jotted down what we could as the creative juices began to flow. Then things got silly and the goals became things like "sleep for 5 seconds and set the record for shortest sleep" and we collectively decided (I yelled "enough" and then said "we'll continue tomorrow" through gritted teeth) to continue the project tomorrow. (No, I did not overreact. They all were giggling incessantly which sounds cute and kills eardrums. Also, I only put the cute weird goal, the list of utterly ridiculous and annoying ones is just too long. Finally they were all shouting and timing each other to break the record for shortest sleep)

Don't worry, I'll pull out the stickers and glitter glue (or something equally artsy fartsy and outstandingly enthralling) and get them back on track first thing tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for some stellar garage playroom artwork to come out of this project.

**Drumroll Please**

Here's what they have so far:

1. Make an invention (Larry)

2. Own every kind of Lego ever made (Curly)

3. Build a monster city of paper and cardboard (Moe)

4. Write a song (Larry)

I can't wait to see what they add to the list tomorrow :)

What are your kids goals? Ask them and then make sure you tell me all of the adorable/inspiring details!!!!

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