Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mind blowing news!

It has officially been one month since I last chewed my nails.

Pretty sure I would throw a party to celebrate this important milestone but we're doing this whole save money thing soooooo......

Maybe I''ll get a tattoo? Of what though? A nail biter? A plaque that reads "one bad habit cured every 30 years"?

Scratch that.

Maybe I''ll just pat myself on the back :)

Now, instead of biting my nails I peel my nail polish. It's great fun but probably not great on the nails. Oh well, you win some you lose some. I like to make it a game to see if I can peel it in one piece. My boys like to wear the polish peels like they're fake nails. Someday pictures of this will come in handy.

Minorly obsessed with glitter nail polish. No, I did not just turn 5. I have rules to keep it classy. It needs to have large glitter pieces, be multi colored and cost less than $4. I even googled glitter polish to learn the tips and tricks. This led to me making my first ever purchase of black nail polish. Soooooo rebel right?

But, lest my head get to big with my newly acquired nail skillz, my sister jumped on the glitter bandwagon and is in an all out war to outdo me. She's much more dedicated than me and has a lot more free time/less gross things boys do and have that ruin nails so I'm sure it's a fair fight.

Now what to do about my husband? He's a nailbiter too and glitter does not become him.

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