Friday, May 11, 2012

The power of music

Music has been on my mind lately. Then this morning I popped onto facebook and my cousin's wife had a post about how she listened to music and it changed her mood for the day. Sometimes it amazes me how music can have power like that.

So I've been thinking, how can I harness this power? I've come up with a few ideas.

Play 10 minutes worth of music each day that I cant sit still whie listening to.
Check exercise off my list for the day.

Play 20 minutes of music that my whole family knows the words to. Use this family connection to get everyone to pick up the clutter while we sing together.

Find the silliest most guaranteed song to make you smile and play it every time someone yells or gets angry at my house. Strike that. Consider installing sound system to have make you smile music emitted on a subliminal level throughout the day. This could also be the solution for world peace. Alert the White House.

Create a pump the jam type playlist for combatting the lazies. Blast it from old school boombox at children who have been sitting to long. Promise to stop if they get up.

Institute weekly karaoke nights in the backyard. Utilize this to keep everyone humble, you cant get a big head or prideful once you've belted out "Under the Sea" for all the neighbors to hear and the dogs to howl along with.

Of course I've still never owned an MP3 player and I own approximately 10 CD's (half of these are christmas, the other half are chipmunks and veggie tales, plus one Madonna Greatest Hits). I did learn how to download music on my phone so everytime my sons like a song on the radio I add that on. I have zero clue how to move those songs from my phone anywhere else and even less clue than that on how to hook my phone up to anything but headphones. So, yeah, my musical skills are limited.

But I did play a cassette tape at a faculty luncheon this week. That's right, kickin it old school y'all! Do you remember how long they take to rewind? That's like 3 minutes of my life that I'm never getting back. Also do you remember that they play on both sides? Yeah, I forgot that too. It was a special moment for me.

Well that's all. Just have music on the brain so thought I'd try to get it in your brain too. Now I'm off to belt out "all the single ladies" with Alvin and the Chipmunks. And I'm pretty sure you're jealous of that.

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