Saturday, December 17, 2011

Strange things are happening

We will be officially roommate less by the end of this weekend. We didn't know this was going to happen but our whole family is working hard to embrace this surprise.

My sister and her fiance have been living with us for quite awhile now. For the past 3 months we asked them to housesit for my mother in law while she was on vacation. I guess they liked it so much that they're staying. She seems okay with it and they seem excited so maybe it will work out. Regardless of all that, they announced on Thursday that they are moving.

This means some very big things in our lives. #1, we will officially have a guest bathroom that my sons do not use. This means you will no longer be greeted by moldy baht toys and the wafting scent of urine when you need to relieve yourself in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I know that cleaning would produce the same result, but isn't having an extra bathroom an easier way to deal with the grossness of three boys?

#2 My sons relaxed Christmas vacation just got ramped up into overdrive! We were going to go on walks, bake, do crafts, watch movies etc... Now they are planning and scheming and snatching those free paint sample cards from every place they can think of as they ponder each having their own rooms. They've already held a pow wow and decided who gets which room and they've also had a deep philosophical discussion about why and how it will be okay to sleep on their own. ($10 says they all end up in the upstairs room together most nights!). 

My oldest wants colors for his room. He doesn't care what colors he just wants colors. His room is currently outer space themed so I have now convinced him that maybe he should keep it that way. Except, you know that chalkboard paint? He needs that so he can do math on his walls :) Yep, this was a very entertaining conversation.

The younger twin is getting the new room. He is still in great inner turmoil over whether he wants the queen size bed or the twin size bed in his room. Having this choice may give him an ulcer. He wants a ninja room. He also wants the walls to be red and orange and black. We have some compromising to do. I feel like I will need to put together a presentation of muted subtle adorable ninja themed room ideas and gently try to sway him to my side. If I get lazy (which I usually do) I will just forcefully do whatever I want or reduce myself to the tried and true bribing method to ensure that this room can still be entered by adults without causing seizures or instant migraine headaches.

My youngest is staying upstairs across the hall from my room. He is currently in a surf themed room with bunk beds. He would like it to become a monster Christmas room. I'm pretty sure I can convince him to switch to just monsters, but we'll see. His room is also going to become the reading room. He is my most avid reader so we are going to make it a sort of library in there. Lots to ponder on this still and of course it will also probably need a PowerPoint presentation set to beautiful music with a poignant message at the end. Or, he's 5 and he will change his mind 6000 times so I can basically do what I want and convince him that it was his idea. That's my kind of decorating!

#3 This news officially places me back into my old habits of starting new projects and never ever finishing anything. Yes, my master bath is still not done (although I blame my husband at this point. Curse that beautiful pocket door and all that it entails!!) Yes, I have peeling paint in half my house that really needs a touch up. Yes, I still haven't finished landscaping/re landscaping my yard. As I cleaned my house yesterday (cleaned = shoved things out of sight and swept) I noticed the long long list of little things that I need to do around my house. I accomplished one, I cleaned out a junk drawer and turned it into the drawer for wooden spoons and spatulas etc... The other 300 will sit unfinished while I take my boys on a tour of google and pinterest for ideas today and then we hit up the hardware store to get started.

Now if my roommates would just get their stuff out of my house so I could get started. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO projects make me giddy!!!

What doe your holiday break look like this year? And more importantly do you have suggestions for colors, ninja or monster themed rooms? Please share!

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