Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tripping so far

Well we've been successfully tripping it for almost a week so I figured that I should check in with the blogosphere.

Things are going great in Virginia. I know my view is probably skewed because I am here during my favorite time of the year, delirious from all the yummy food (why has no one ever given me cheesecake from cheesecake factory before??!), and blindsided by my children's angelic yet auditorily impaired behavior but...I swear I could move here and live happily after. It helps that the worlds greatest sister in law lives in the area too, I'm not gonna lie.

All that aside, we've been having a wild time. Did I already tell you that we rode a surrey beside the guineas book of world records longest recreational beach? That's right folks, a bicycle fit for 6 that we fit 7 onto and successfully maneuvered for at least 10 minutes on a boardwalk beside the Atlantic ocean. I know, we are the coolest tripping family around.

We went to the last of the original coast guard stations (there were 5 and they started out as the life saving stations but later changed their name). It was educational and the retired coastie who gave us our tour was a little something extra special. Made me smile!

We went to the weirdest aquarium. It had a lot of cool stuff but was impossible to find your way around. It also had tons of buttons and interactive displays surrounding the wildlife. Cool right? Or perhaps too cool since it meant my sons were so into pressing buttons that they missed out on excitement like sharks swimming over their heads and other fishy moments. There were also a lot of non fishy creatures for an aquarium. Bugs, snakes, crocodiles, Komodo dragon, otters etc... Sort of stole the show. We Waited for like 10 minutes to touch a stingray and then when we were finally patient enough to have one get close my oldest chickened out.

Oh well.

There was also a squirrel which taught me something new. I had a bit of an issue with the squirrel. Everyone got a good laugh as i climbed On top of a railing to escape the cute fuzzy squirrel.

But here's the thing, I Did not want to be touched by the squirrel. I managed to avoid both squealing and crying, so think what you will, I considered myself to be a model of good behavior.

We went to Nauticus today. It's a navel museum and I convinced everyone to go because there was this labyrinth exhibit (there was a heated debate between this and a corn maze) Turns out it had the USS Wisconsin, a very impressive battleship that served in world war 2 and desert storm. I was in awe and utterly wordless as we explored the nooks and crannies of this giant ship. I cannot imagine what being at war and fighting for your country must be like. It was thought provoking and then some.

However again with the random animals! At the navy museum my sons touched a shark, a horseshoe crab (which is more closely related to the scorpion. Did you know?), a snake, and a bearded dragon lizard. I know, I know, it is now officially ranking as best trip/vacation ever!

It is both a good and bad thing that we saved the Atlantis labyrinth for last. It sucked. And that's being kind. It was a poorly lit path with ridiculous games and trivia that did not have any part Of the labyrinth. I get that it was geared at kids but unless they are under the age of never been born I don't think they'd be too into it. So good that it was last or we may not have seen anything else after such a huge let down. Bad because talk about ending on a low note! It was as low as a labyrinth could go.

Tonight we ate at chipotle and my mouth was so tingly from the spiciness that I wanted to cry. I sucked it up and pretended to be an adult and ate my food that i really didn't want to. In other words I pretended that I could behave like an adult at a restaurant instead of the picky petulant child that I usually unleash during times of sustenance. (p.s. Everyone else liked it so do not consider my personal opinion to be valid in any way)

Afterwards we got dessert from cheesecake factory. I need to let everyone who knows about this place and knows me to know that I am extremely disappointed in you!!!!! How could you know about this delectable paradise and know about my cheesecake obsessions and aspirations and not put the two together? Shame on you, just shame. Thank you to my sister in law for restoring balance to the world and changing my life forever with each delicious bite.

Tomorrow my husband is taking our sons to play laser tag for their first time ever. I'm telling you now that it will be epic and at least one person will cry. I can just tell these things. Im cool like that.

Have you had any huge vacation let downs? Ever visited somewhere and been ready to pack your bags and move there forever?

P.s. In case you were wondering, Tripping sounded more fun to me than vacationing so just go with it.

P.p.s. Remind me to tell you about acting as an interpreter and the auditory disasters that my sons have provided during this trip.

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