Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, (I mean that in the good contented sighing way, not the screaming while gouging out my eyes way)

Today my sons and I slept in until 11, with the whole 6th time difference thing I was pretty impressed with us.

We are staying at my sister in laws house in Virginia and let me tell you, it's amazing!! Her house is lovely and quiet and calm and cool and pretty and it's better than staying in a hotel. She cooks and cleans for us and we get to hang out with her. But, she's mine and I'm not sharing so don't think that you can capotilize on her awesomeness any time soon.

After brunch we headed to Target. If you live on Maui then Target is one of the first places you go whenever you grace the mainland with your presence. Other islanders are nodding in agreement right now, the rest of you will just have to trust me. I know you're worried about me taking 3 boys shopping on vacation but trust me, they loved it more than me. Several ninjas, some shorts, Halloween costume supplies and one ski mask later we declared our first target trip a success:)

Then it was off to the zoo, item number 4 on my youngests list of what he was most excited to see on vacation (the first 3 items were people so this ranking is significant) the zoo was also amazing!!! It wasn't large, we ambles thru it in just a few hours. We saw animals with minimal hunting to find them hiding in dark corners, had zero stress because it was beautifully laid out so you were guaranteed not to miss anything, and ever one of us in attendance learned new things.

Armadillos are mammals, giraffes have blue tongues and can dig their noses with them, brachiation in the term for when monkeys swing around by their arms and it can be done at 35mph, tapirs are much larger than you might think, moon bears have a moon shaped white crest on their chests, and river hogs do not live by rivers or water of any kind.

Each one of those facts plus many more sparked imaginative conversations with my sons. It was a seriously pleasant day.

Oh and did I mention zero meltdowns!!!!!!!!!! Well at least not until bedtime. How's that for success?

I know I live in paradise but as my oldest son pointed out today, "it's nice to take a break from everything" I am loving all that Virginia has to offer and can't wait to share more of our adventures.

How about you, does it ever feel good to leave a place you love behind for awhile?

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