Saturday, April 2, 2011

The uncomfortableness is astounding

Have you ever had one of "those" days? There is no way to define "those" but you know if you've had one. I can assertively make this statement because today was the perfect example.

Got to wake up and take 10 extra steps to get my boys ready in an attempt to dewormify their lives. Got to school and had to tell my sons teachers that we are worm spreaders and then I got to tell the nurse and the principal. Everyone was very nice but this does not take away from how disgusting and embarrassing these moments were for me. Surprisingly I never wanted to have to share with multiple people that my kids had the grossness and might be giving it to oh.....everyone else on the planet. Oh and, as part of my job, I had to send an email notification to all parents at the school (even though they didn't know we were the cause I still felt like they did...some weird guilt thing I guess)

This would have been enough for me to have one of "those" days, but no, I also had to call the friend I hung out with yesterday, my life doppelganger who has kids where I have kids, lives where I live and goes the places I go (it's eerie how parallel our lives are), my neighbor and update my roommates on how it might affect them. Fun times right?

These steps complete, I finished my work day and thought the worst might be over. But no. I went to Walmart to look at medicines and disinfectants. In the disinfectant aisle who do I run into, but a parent from my sons school who has read the email. Of course she wants to have a conversation in the middle of Walmart about what grade levels had worms and how concerned she should be. I didn't tell her it was my kids but I did tell her how to check and that it wasn't serious. It's not everyday you discuss a childs anus in the middle of Walmart. Only on "those" days people, only on "those" days.

Now I could go home and scratch my skin off as I thought of the grossness right? No, that is not right. Had to go to the pharmacy to pick up the meds that treat worms. The pharmaceutical assistant sees my sons and excitedly explains that her daughter goes to the same school. Then we learn that her daughter is in the same class. Then I see her examining the prescription more closely. So the pharmacist comes over and together we three discuss how and why she needs to check her daughter tonight thanks to my sons. As we were leaving I had to let her know not to tell her daughter who had the worms so they wouldn't get teased, yet another fun moment in my day.

Speaking of that, those you that read this and have kids that know my kids, please don't mention specifics. I see what happens when a kid has ukus at school and I don't want to see my sons teased if it can be avoided.

I did not want, nor do I ever want again, to spend a day discussing, worms, poo, anus, scratching etc... It takes the uncomfortableness of an uncomfortable conversation to whole other level.

  • Now I've discussed it again with you, my readers. Sometimes I just need to stop talking.

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  1. Ok seriously you are hilarious and an amazing writer. I love that through this frustrating situation you have found humor and the ability to share it with others. You are such an example of how we should look at life and trails that find our way. Your secret stops with me but sharing your blog may let the secret out. Thanks for making me laugh... I needed one today