Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ROCL (I am not good at this texting language)

I am rolling in my chair laughing right now! I was just checking the "stats" section of my blog to see if anyone actually reads this dribble and came across the search words that have been used to find and read my blog.

"my childs butt itches"

"things are really bad"

These 2 phrases sum up my past 90 blog posts :)

Also, I discovered that 90% of the people that read my blog do so via facebook, which means I know them, and they know me.

Still wondering if I should have kept this blog anonymous. You people have way too much information on me at this point.

Oh well.

On another note, I am almost to 100 blogs. To celebrate I am going to write a blog list all about myself and the things that I have decided that you love and hate about me.

So tune in because soon I will be taking TMI to a whole nother level y'all. A whole nother level.

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