Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm supposed to be folding laundry right now.

You can't find my bedroom or my bed through the piles of clothes. But somehow I managed to dig my laptop out. When I finished holding it over my head and grinning from ear to ear like the true treasure hunter that I am, I sat down, ignored the laundry, and decided to post.

Today was a very random day, which will now lead to a very random post. It's called cause and effect for you academic people out there (as I tilt my nose in snobbery I also mention this disclaimer, *if I'm using this term wrong I don't want to know, sometimes I feel like being snobby).

First off, we all had sleeping disease. My twins almost fell asleep in class, my youngest nodded off during science time at preschool and I kept having to walk around my office to keep myself awake during the work day. At home my husband took a nap. We had a relaxed pleasant family day yesterday and went to bed at a decent hour so I am not sure if we all caught a bug or what, but we were wiped out!

Got home from school and planned to have the boys do homework, then chores and then off to Aikido practice. Apparently I was overzealous in my planning. My twins did their homework while their 4 yr old brother was allowed to play outside by himself for his first time ever!

This was a monumental moment.

 I sat next to the window and divided my attention between the homework helping process and the "Dear Lord please don't let my child die, get abducted or pick up dog poop with his bare hands" prayer process.

Turns out I was a rather unnecessary component in both processes. My twins miraculously completed their homework with no help required, and in record time, and my youngest was so loud while talking to his monster trucks in the driveway that
1. no one would want to steal him
2. I could hear him from 2 blocks away and know he was safe and
3. there was nothing that could break his concentration from those monster trucks and their cool flips and falls so dog poop lost it's usual magnetic draw.

By the time we finished up with these bits of fun it was 4 o'clock and we were all dragging. I voted for a screw the chores moment and suggested that we all lay down for awhile to which they all happily agreed (dead give away towards just how worn out they must have been). 2 hrs later we all groggily awoke to realize we missed playtime, Aikido practice and dinner. But we felt better so... oh well.

Bonus: Since I was no longer operating in half dead status I had enough energy to cook a healthy meal that everyone ate and enjoyed.

At 7:30 I realized that I had probably screwed up their sleep schedule forever and decided to just go with it and let them stay up. So I set the time for an hour, gave strict orders to have fun, clean up when it beeped and don't let the dog eat stuff and ran off in to my room to get chores done.

This is when I went treasure hunting for the laptop, blogged instead of being a good person, and I am now enjoying listen to my sons get so excited about the lego creations their building and so angry when they break or someone takes a piece they need.

Second bonus: Here are some other random highlights from today.

* Listening to a kindergartener read the word hippopotomus every time he saw the word mother in the book he was reading.
*My 4 yr old pouring a dead cockroach out of his water bottle then filling it up and reusing it and my 20 yr old cousin feeling that that was okay for him to do.
*One of my twins explaining that it was hard to wear his basketball jersey to school today. Everyone kept looking at his armpits and Juliette looked in the armholes and saw his nipples.
*Having to check one twins poop when the other one announced that it looked weird and never remembering to ask why they were in the bathroom together checking out each others poop.
*Looking for sets of playing cards around our house and discovering that all were missing cards or contained pictures of lego men or hawaiian women.
*Having my roommate explain that the dog needed to be taught to wipe her butt because he didn't appreciate that she chose to do so on the tile floor downstairs. Me thinking, "how do you teach a dog to wipe it's butt?" and never checking to see if the tile had been cleaned downstairs.
*Oldest child reading so well on his own. Tonight was a book called "The best children in the world" He announced that The Mallo Boys were the best children in the world. Then he counted the kids in the book and loudly announced, "Whoops theirs 5 kids in this book. That means we need to have 2 more mom okay?"

And that's it, that's what happened today when I was supposed to be folding laundry. Now I hear the timer beeping so...goodbye.


  1. Come back to Montana! In the meantime, join me at my New Prairie Woman blog, comment and follow if you can. Where in Montana were you raised? Don't run into many folks online from here, so it's nice to meet a fellow "last best place" gal!

    Best to you!

  2. I was raised in Kalispell and came to Hawaii for college. Met my husband who was born and raised on Maui and that's where we are now.

    Just checked out your blog. Good for you for getting your thoughts out there, in books and via blog. So cool that you went from big city to big open space.

    Love Montana sooo much! Your pictures are great and really made me smile. Thanks.