Thursday, April 28, 2011

I painted something other than walls

It's like a christmas miracle* (I use this phrase way too often)

(*this just means I repaint my house a lot but don't think I've painted anything else since I was 14)

This afternoon I drug myself to another meeting at school/work. I was not thrilled to be going due to the usual excuses of tired, busy, lazy, hungry and probably the other 3 dwarfs as well.


It was pretty cool!

 I'm glad I went.

3 reasons it was cool:

1. I learned some cool facts about Art in Public Places that made me proud to live on Maui and excited to tell others about their program.

2. I was the star pupil. As my dear friend delighted in pointing out.:) A professional artist taught our rag tag group how to paint with watercolors. During the phase where we created ocean he chose mine to show everyone as an example. Oh yeah, I was THAT good.

3. All the painting lit my creative fire and I am overwhelmed with exciting ideas to try with my family.

3 reasons I was right to be hesitant:

1. Right after being star pupil we switched to the wet on dry method to create turtle shells. I was proud of my work until the artist looked over my shoulder and explained how I was doing it terribly wrong and it would take all day and I needed to change everything. I was not good at this technique, as my dear friend delighted in pointing out :)

2. We were shanghai'd into creating a mural for the school, I am not a fan of surprises. Also, I am apparently  the slowest painter ever. It was an indicator for me as everyone had to stand around waiting for me to finish.

3. I was the only one who used blue on the turtle fins :( Either I'm color blind or everyone else is, but whatever the case, my piece of the mural stands out... but not in a good way.

All in all, time well spent. You should have come.


  1. I love it! You my friend are inspiring!


  2. Thanks Quinn! I love that you are reading my blog :)