Saturday, March 19, 2011

Me Time update

Wow! It has been two weeks filled with oodles of me time. I had more time to focus on myself in the past 2 weeks then I normally have in 2 months. I know you're dying to know how I spend my time (I don't mind that you're nosy, I am too) so I will share a few highlights.

2 weeks ago

1. I read 2 entire books. They were both really good and one introduced me to a new author that I really like. I love love love to read but I am usually super cautious about starting a new book. Once I start I need to read it all and I ignore everyone and everything to make that happen. I am a bit of a speed reader (partly cause I skip the lengthy descriptions of places and things, or in the bibles case the who begot who sections) so I can usually finish in a day or two, if I ignore my life. My husband was super nice about helping with the boys so I could ignore him and them and read :) I loved it and I loved them more after my brief break from them. Did I mention that I love to read?

2. My staycation day. I promised in a previous post to share about this and as you can see I didn't forget :) It was a Tuesday and all I had to do was a few loads of laundry (I mean I have a 20 or 30 item to do list, buts whats another day of delays on that?). So I took the twins to school and then grabbed the little one and my sister and set out on an adventure. We dropped my husband off at work in Kihei and then I didn't want to have driven there for just that, so I insisted we find something to do. We checked out the bike shop (saw the sweet attachment I got for my little one in the window display for 4x what I had paid so I got a little hopped up patting myself on the shoulder for a job well done. Oh yeah!!) but it didn't open til 10 so we had to waste some time. We found an awesome vegetarian cafe around the corner that had lots of gross sounding items that excited my sister and yummy smelling and looking items that made me suspicious (I know they snuck the healthy into all of them somehow, somewhere!). Then I realized that all this healthy was good and all but it was Fat Tuesday so we had to be unhealthy (it's like the law guys.) We debated pancakes, I mentally debated malasadas, but what we decided on was cinnamon rolls. Not just any cinnamon rolls but some of the Worlds Finest. (I have them like once a year and dream about them the other 364 days) Oh sweet deliciousness!!!! I was in heaven. Now what to do next? Go to Paia of course! So off we drove to another part of the island. We parked and walked and walked and walked in search of a one piece stretchy yoga suit thing that my sister claims she desperately needs (in may be true but the shopkeepers we inquired with looked at us like we were crazy). After peeking in to a completely random array of granola goodness in one of my favorite granola towns it was finally late enough that Flatbread Pizza was open. We drooled our way in and ate more yummy deliciousness. My heart and tummy were full and so we headed home. Sister went off to work and I had just enough time to fit in a blissful bike ride with the little one before I needed to pick up the twins from school. All in all it was under 5 hours but my staycation was just the breath of fresh air I needed that week. I am sighing and batting my eyelashes just thinking of the peacefulness and joy that day brought me.

This past week

1. I read at least 3 magazines cover to cover without interruption while my sons quietly and compatibly played trains. Not sure if I've mentioned this but I LOVE LOVE LOVE train weeks!! They are restful, entertaining, exciting, enriching and I get to see everyone that I ignore (and I know I shouldn't but I'm a crappy friend) most of the year. My 3 boys never tire of the trains and my husband loves this reason to show off his OCD tendencies. My house stays clean the whole time because the threat of "do your chores or no trains" is serious y'all, it's sooo serious. My sons joy, the joy of others, the way I can kind of do whatever I want while still sort of paying attention to them, man it's a beautiful thing.

2. Took a bath in a bathroom that didn't stink of urine. For now just enjoy that sentence. Maybe in another blog soon I will explain why this is not an everyday occurrence or even a  possibility in my house on most days.

3. I tiled my entry way. My husband took out the tile that I hated and I just got the time to sit and do the job from start to finish. In only 2 days I completed a project that sometimes takes me 2 weeks due to the constant distractions that I allow into my daily schedule. You might think this was work but I love doing projects when I have time to do the whole thing, I just love it.

4. Today was the best moment of me time of all! My husband took the youngest to Kihei to work on my poor broke car and I was left with the twins. My dear friend called me up and invited them over for a playdate with her sons. I of course said yes, thinking an hour to myself would be kind of cool. But no, I got there and they insisted on keeping them for 4 hours!!!! I have seriously awesome friends in case you were wondering :) I drove home thinking giddy thoughts of ways to spend my time. I contemplated taking a nap, reading or watching tv. But I felt the need to be productive. So then I contemplated tearing out more carpet downstairs, continuing my quest to clean and organize the garage for the bazillionth time, exercising, even folding laundry was weighed in as an option. Still undecided I reached home and decided to eat cookies and milk and finish a magazine. 10 minutes later I was done with that task and laying on my bed. I looked around my seriously filthy scary bedroom and got upset for the umpteenth time that I never have time to finish one task and then it stockpiles and turns into ten unfinished tasks and my room always looks and feels like a pile! :( But have no fear I turned these troubled thoughts into action and made the decision that I would spend the time making my room beautiful again. I cleaned, I sorted, I moved furniture, I removed a giant garbage bag of items for our upcoming garage sale, I swept, I mopped, I even put a picture in a picture frame (It's a collage frame that needs like 10 pictures but 1 is a start right?) When I finished I sent my friend a picture message showing off my clean room and thanking her for the time I had been gifted. I still had time remaining so I swept and mopped my floor for the 2nd time in a week! (this is usually an every 3 month occurrence :( it's sad, very sad. also gross) Chores finished, my sons and husband all arrived within minutes of each other full of smiles. They went into my room and I expected big pats on the back for my hard work and what did they have to say?

"Nice Picture!"

Seriously, all of them,

at seperate times,

that's what they noticed,

the one color picture I had added to the collage frame of 10 black and white stock photos.

Oh well, it was still some seriously sweet me time :)

Now I must say thanks for reading my braggart thoughts through to the end.

I understand if you're jealous, my life is seriously sweet.

Alas, it's back to the real world in two days,

I hope I can handle it with a bit more grace now that we've taken a break from each other for awhile.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, cause if this "me time" stuff doesn't work, I'm out of ideas and out of my mind!

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