Friday, March 25, 2011

18 is super close to 40

At least that's what I'm telling myself.


Because 6.5 minutes into my first 21 minute Hulu episode my calves were screaming, crying and loudly shouting at me to stop running in place.

I obeyed.

Then I remembered that working through the pain can help it go away so during the second 21 minute episode I began to jog again. I made it 12 minutes before I came to the realization that running in place sucks and then I just gave up.

Eh, what can you do?

So as promised I am filling you in on my 5K training. Now to let you know the finer details of those glorious 18.5 minutes of mind numbing running in place.

I started at 10pm. I had just gotten home from a long day and was like, "oh crap, I still need to run!" So I foolishly slipped into old habits and started exercising in my work clothes. A couple good bounces in I realized I HAD to change NOW. But I had promised to run for 40 minutes. ....

Oh what a mental tussle this gave me!!

I settled on running in place while changing. Turns out it's not as easy as it sounds. Finally completed this task and looked ridiculous as I had grabbed the first things I could find in my closet and then the next brilliant thought occurred.

When you exercise you should drink water. So, I jogged my way out to the kitchen to fill up my water bottle and jogged in place at the water dispenser as it filled and I tried to catch fly away ice cubes. My sisters fiance just looked over and said, "you look really funny." Then I felt the need to explain my sillliness but it didn't really help and I jogged off shouting that I would blog what he said later!

All this and I had only reached 6.5 minutes and crying calves. During my second set, all twelve minutes of it, I ran back and forth across the room randomly dancing and singing to 80's songs that popped up during commercials. Pretty sure there were a lot of Kodak moments in there.

So, don't do the math, just reassure me that 18 minutes is almost 40 minutes and tell me tomorrow I'll do better. Thanks in advance for the unfounded support :)

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