Thursday, March 24, 2011

12 step program

I am officially in training. This is serious and if I am going to make it out alive I have to focus. Here's my guaranteed 12 step program to mediocrity or less in racing.

1. Signed up for a 5K 3 days before the race. (screw planning and forethought, procrastination reigns in this hizzzouse!)

2. Planned intensive training schedule to prepare for 5K race. (involving actually exercising 3 days in a row, a feat rarely accomplished)

3. Began planned exercise. (ran in place in my pajamas for 21 minutes - this is the length of one episode of "Traffic" on Hulu)

4. Completed food diary and realized I must run in place 30 more minutes or gain weight due to poor eating habits. (rethought training plan and considered adding healthy food options)

5. Searched for 30 minute shows on Hulu (these do not exist and anything else just won't work for me.)

6. Realization hit that I may not make it through this alive.

7. Completed 13 pushups (because arm strength is the most essential training component in a 5K race)

8. Went to bed and promised to make changes for the better tomorrow.

9. Began composing blog post in my head regarding how cool I look when I train. (it's pretty amazing)

10. Out of bed for cookies. Crap, this put me even more over my daily eating goals.

11. Reassured myself that this weak willpowered moment would never happen again.

12. Finally fell asleep to "Futurama" which brought about a whole host of bizarre dreams that I thankfully couldn't remember completely.

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