Thursday, January 6, 2011

I like the things I need

I love it when people get me. It doesn't happen often, expecially since I am a little off my rocker, but when it does, it's amazing!

Today is my birthday and almost every gift I received was something I needed.

How amazing my friends and family were today will be saved for another post, but here's a hint, it's really AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmazing!

I was watching "Bones" last week and they discussed gifts in one episode. A friend was explaining to Bones that a gift shouldn't be something someone needs, that it's not appropriate. I thought it odd when I heard it and then forgot all about the comment til Monday when my sister called to ask what I wanted for my birthday.

I had to make sure she was prepared for the very long list that I had ready to go. Because I need lots of things, I want lots of things and I collect lots of things. The only thing I do not do is buy things for myself very often. So the list gets longer and longer.

I received a pretty sweet stash of gifts today and my favorites were the things I needed. You have to know me pretty well to know what I need and you have to really be comfortable in our relationship to make that thing my gift. Thanks to all of you who fit that bill, I appreciate you :)

Here's a quick rundown of some things I've liked today:

*From my parents - a new clock. I go a little nuttier every time I walk into my movie room and can't read the time. I get lost in a movie or a game or a nap or legos or...and then I need the time desperately and it is unavailable to me.

UUUUgggghhhh to having to walk to the other room or find my always missing phone to read the time.

Not only did they solve this need, they also got a really nice one that totally matches the room and is not available on this island and therefor coveted. They are saving me from a lot of future crazy moments!

*From my oldest - magnetic shopping list pads (10 of them, that match my kitchen and have stars, 2 very important things!!!) and reusable grocery totes (4 of them that are cute and fit in my purse, 2 very important things!!!) I know daddy helped and that makes it even better. They get me and my distinctly odd needs :)

* From the other twin - A Bananagrams calendar. I know you don't think this is a need, but it's cause you don't know me well enough. I need to know the day, I need to tear off old days to feel more accomplished and like time has passed and I need to use my mind on word puzzles daily so it stays only mildly mushy. Well done on the gift son!

*From my youngest - A new purse that fits me just right and new sunglasses that are the bees knees, seriously. Ok, truth be told, he went shopping with me the other day and I said, "Should I get these for my birthday?" and he said, "Yep. I will buy them." So I bought them and tell everyone they are from him. That counts right? I say yes, and I say he's wonderful for even wanting to buy them for me :)

The list gets longer but then so would this blog so I will finish off with this paragraph and quickly say that my hubby was responsible for a lot of the above plus he bought me shoes that make me sing "I'm walking on sunshine" every time I wear them and the movie "Ramona & Beezus" which I needed to own because it gave me an epiphany once. My friends took me to breakfast and I got a home depot gift card, a pile of magazines so I can focus more on my me time and a starbucks card.

They are good friends :)

Now I say goodbye so I can go use my Pier 1 gift card to buy candles to go in my new red lanterns that I desperately needed and my sister got me and then I will finish the day writing thank yous on my new stationery from my sister in law.

Told you, I like the things I need, the people in my life are seriously awesome, and I may have a weird definition of what I need.


Happy Birthday to me!


  1. Happy birthday...Sounds like it really was a great one...As always, I enjoyed reading about it here:)

  2. Thanks Nancy, it was good day for sure!