Sunday, January 2, 2011


I think I have discovered my disease, collectivitis.

I have a need to collect things. I am not a hoarder, I do not need to collect everything, but if it's something I like, I need it, all of it!

I  just recently discovered that this might be a problem for me, a disease of some sort.

The first indication was when I found myself researching and salivating over the new galactic heroes release. Like 15 new toys were released in the line, my sons only wanted one but I found myself arguing with them that they needed them all because they collected them. Thankfully 6 yr old reasoning prevailed and they have yet to even receive the one piece they wanted.

Looking around my house you can easily see what I like as I have great collections, or piles, of everything I am interested in. I'm like the Little Mermaid in her cave, "look at this stuff, isn't it neat, wouldn't you think my collections complete?...."

I know you just pictured me singing that, with a mermaid tale :) Also, I did sing it when I was typing :) Told you my life is a musical.

Having children has fed my obsessions. When they like a toy I research it, I find all of that type of toy on good deals and I lovingly organize and categorize it. They are not allowed to have toys that aren't part of their collections. I thought I did this to help with organization but I am coming to realize it is my own neurosis that caused these rules. They have one bucket, the anything bucket, where non-collection toys go. When it gets full they have to toss some. No matter how much they love them.

Because of my obsession they also can't start new collections without first getting rid of old ones. This meant that I denied them a toy they were in love with for over a year. Daddy finally bought our littlest one for his birthday. I couldn't handle just having one so for Christmas the little one bought some for his brothers and the collection began. It's a collection I don't want but I mentally can't handle them having just one of these toys.

Looney with a side of crazy sauce anyone?

Of course the first step is admitting you have a problem so things can only improve from here :)

I set limits on the boys collections and every time I pass the toy aisles I remind myself that they don't want all those toys and they don't need the complete collection.

Like I literally mutter that mantra under my breath as I shop :)

You should have seen when Legos went on sale, I grabbed every 50% off set and put them in my cart, halfway through the store I realized that I was getting them only because they were a good deal and would add to their collection. So I painstakingly went through each, picked out 3 that had the best pieces or were the most interesting, and put the rest back.

Progress right? I think it counts as long as not getting them doesn't keep me up at night.

I should go into remission since we only by our boys toys at Christmas and birthdays, that's a 5 month hiatus. Except it's almost my birthday and I find myself cleaning my house and setting out my teapots, organizing my paper, researching cricut cartridges, cataloging my handkerchiefs and I know that I am going to make at least one needless purchase to further my personal collections.

Maybe I am in the baby step program. Yep, that's it.

So it's still progress :)

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