Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy Snowstorm Batman!

I will only make it through the next few months by relying on God. This does not make me holy but the word does remind me that I don't have to shoulder all the worlds burdens alone, he is willing to help.

You know how good things come in 3's? (I may have gotten this saying confused but... :P) Well concerning things come in the hundreds, it's like a snowstorm. One day you get some news and it stresses you a little, the next day there's more and things get worse, the next day five new problems arrive and all of a sudden your world is falling in. Also, it's easy to get lost in a snowstorm. That's where I am now. Not really stressed or concerned or overwhelmed or mad or anything I maybe should be. Just a little lost, it's like life turned into a blurry snowstorm.

My sons and one of my best friends favorite super hero. Also one of the only superheroes you could realistically hope to be since vats of radioactive waste or more sparse that one might have hoped. Thinking of Batman makes me think of my boys and it makes me smile. I imagine the many times they've dressed up as the caped avenger, played games and how whenever you can't understand my youngest it's usually because he is excitedly talking about Batman. Gotta keep the humor flowing peeps!

So, Holy Snowstorm, Batman!

You may hear me muttering this a lot in the days to come.

Don't worry, it's a good thing.

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