Thursday, November 25, 2010

Today is not about me.

Today I didn't take time for me, that is not something that is needed on Thanksgiving.

Today we got up early and went to the Thanksgiving day sale to buy a new board game. We came home and had delicious pumpkin muffins for breakfast. We got a new(to us) dining table, chairs and hutch delivered. We went to the grocery store to buy some of our favorite snacks for lunch. We headed to Kihei with my cousin, my sister and our dog and spent the next 8 hours at the in-laws. We watched the Macy's day parade, we swam. we played potato heads and we sort of built the new board game. Grandpa and Daddy did all the cooking and we sat down to a lovely dinner. My boys all prayed before dinner and said what they were thankful for. After dinner there was more swimming, reminiscing of our beloved aunt who recently passed, pumpkin pie and then back home. Everyone went straight to bed and the house is quiet.

Picturesque right?

Below you will find a behind the scenes peak at one of the moments I was not thankful for today. This was not the only one...but the one thing I can do for myself is choose not to dwell on them.

When we got home for the store it was the younger twins turn to take the dog to the bathroom. He insisted he had done it last and it was the older twins turn. We all agreed that was not true. He got himself worked into a huge crying fussing whiny frenzy over this minor detail and no matter what we said to explain he insisted we were liars.. He refused to calm down.

The other two brothers quietly watched the commotion and ate their muffins. I told him he couldn't eat the muffins until he calmed down. After more than half an hour of his moaning madness daddy was fed up. He put him in a warm shower to calm  him down and try to get past the hysterics. the younger twin yelled at us from the shower that he was going to die.

We went outside to get the table delivery and from the bathroom window could hear his little voice sobbing, "Can anybody hear me? Is anyone there? I am going to die if I don't get to eat and drink. I haven't had anything to eat and drink all day. I am going to die!" When we finished moving furniture we told him he could be done with the shower. He was allowed to eat and drink and he did eventually calm down.

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