Friday, November 26, 2010

My darling husband.

Yesterday he was like a super hero, cooking and helping ease tensions between everyone.
Then, he goes thru the sale papers and makes the list of what we need to get at black friday sales.
Next, he offers to stay home and get up early with the boys while I shop all night.
After I get home at 7:30 in the morning he lets me take a nap.
Then, he makes lunch and snacks (and cleans them up) for everyone and puts on a movie so I can continue to rest while still squeezing in family time.
To round the day off he wrestles with our boys til they are all out of energy which leads to an easy quiet bedtime at 6:45pm.

Today was all about me thanks to my darling husband. He's the bees knees!

p.s. This was my first official all out black friday shopping extravaganza. It was frightening and eye opening. I saved over $400 and got great gifts and much needed household items. I may never do it again :)

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