Thursday, November 11, 2010

I fooled my children

I woke up today and announced to one and all that we were going to the fabric stores today! I then asked if I should just go to the expensive one since they always have the best materials (and it's at the mall so way better chance of better behavior from certain young children). My husband said maybe I should check the other one first (in like this cute sweet yet slightly patronizing way). So we made a goal to be out of the house by 9am and off we went.

We spent 4 hours fabric shopping. This is not a joke but the sad fact of how it works when you go with 3 small boys. First let me say that I was so proud of their behavior. Next let me say the were only well behaved because I completely fooled them. At the first store (the affordable one) I threatened them that they had to behave not like 4 and 6 year olds but adults and that if they didn't we would not go to the mall. Mission one accomplished.

At the mall I started off by letting them play at the play area and then further buttered them up by buying them lunch at their favorite place, Pretzelmaker. Now, as they were finishing their banana chocolate dessert pretzel I casually mentioned that we would just run over to the fabric store for a second. Mission two accomplished.

Finally, we made it out of the mall and I announced we had one last stop to make at Walmart. They all had quarters so they cheered thinking they would get bubblegum. We went and I let them look through the toy section (telling them to put everything they asked for on their christmas list) and then said, "Oh yeah, and let's run over to the craft section for one thing." We made it out of the store before anyone remembered they wanted bubblegum. Mission three accomplished.

So today I had a fairly pleasant shopping experience (albeit long) and I got fabric for three new projects!! Fooling my children into thinking they were having this fun outing day for them was a fabulous bonus :) That's what I did for myself today.

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