Monday, April 8, 2013

Make Believe Guilt

I love Pinterest!

In case you are unaware of it's magical properties, it's an online bulletin board where you can essentially save every good idea you ever see or read about online.

Of course I generally only look online when i need something immediately so I don't use it for that purpose at all. Instead I browse through my Pinterest friends boards, look through the popular and kids sections and let my sons use it as a safer option than google to find ideas and inspirations for their many project ideas.

It used to be that I would spend 5 minutes a day checking what friends had pinned and repinning any ideas I thought were cool. When I was in project mode I would make a board and fill it up with my ideas and refer to them as I completed the project.

Then we got pregnant and I got a little crazier than I used to be. I started spending closer to an hour a day just perusing Pinterest.. I added things to boards as "someday" ideas. I made a board for baby ideas and filled it with pictures of handmade shoes (babies don't need shoes in case you were wondering).

All of this was still innocent and fun until...the guilt waves started rolling in.

I went to show my sister some of my ideas and noticed how many things I had pinned. I then noticed that I hadn't accomplished any of them. Then the guilt waves started crashing as I began to feel a need to follow through with my ideas.

I ignored Pinterest for awhile but that didn't help. I tried to get started on a few projects to ease the stress but didn't really commit and managed to just make my house messier.

I mentioned this make believe guilt phenomenon to a friend of mine recently and she professed that she had other friends that felt this way too!! That was liberating to hear. I was not alone. Sometimes I forget that the world is jam-packed with crazies :p I am a little fish in a big pond.

With this news to boost my confidence I went through and cleaned up my boards and started sorting my ideas out. Over spring break I finally even tackled a few. Funky rocking chair? Check. Pompom curtains? Check. All natural urine smell removal? check. Lemons to remove water spots? Check.

Oh sweet release. This is how my love affair with Pinterest was supposed to work, as an inspiration not as an oppressor.

I am not in remission yet. I still have days where I look at it as a giant To Do List that I can never accomplish and the guilt waves threaten to drown me. But mostly I am back to being inspired/stealing other peoples good ideas and using them as my own.

There's no real point to this post. Just thought I'd share some of my random crazy with you so you'd feel more normal. It's my gift that I share with the world. Making you feel better about yourself by reading about how messed up I am :) You're welcome.

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