Saturday, April 6, 2013

Gettin Girly

I realized recently that I never posted a blog announcing that we are having a BABY GIRL!!! After my anti-climactic 1st ultrasound I had to wait 5 weeks for the next peak. Luckily she gave us a great show that day and Project Gettin Girly began.

After 3 boys it's way too cool that we get to try out this whole girl thing. Our 3 boys are excited and adorable in the ways they've decided to help. I was sure that a girl meant I could make all the decisions because no one else in my house would have a clue or an opinion. HA!! My husband and my sons are the exact opposite. Sometimes they're a bit overinvolved and I have to veto them :P

For instance, the name. I declared that everyone in our family would receive an equal vote. My darling husband and my sweet Moe are ruining this plan. Darling husband has an intense need for names to be spelled uniquely (i.e. 15 extra letters, silent letters etc...) or for names to be funny (i.e. embarrassing and you would never want people to know your middle name). Sweet little Moe says it has to rhyme with lazy so he can write books about her and has firmly announced that he will veto all names that don't rhyme with lazy. See what I have to work with?

I have been trying to avoid name conversations because it can get really tense around our house. We have a list of names we all like but for some reason no one wants to vote on that list, they just keep adding names! The poor ladies in my office have heard me whine and moan about the situation for hours on end (they have a lot of patience!) We finally settled on a first name that we all love but we're not even close to choosing a middle name. Feel free to offer suggestions.

This is not the only that my boys want to share their expertise. We recently moved  Moe downstairs with his twin brothers to make our extra upstairs bedroom the baby room. I had planned on a palette of cute bright colors based off an adorable toy I found at a garage sale. I mistakenly put it to a vote the night before I planned to go to the fabric store. I was completely out voted. My husband voted for a bright sort of salmon pink, keeping the pale green walls we had already and Larry wanted to add in pale yellow. The furniture is all brown so that was in as well. I have grown to love this color combo but it took me completely by surprise.

I took the 3 boys to the fabric store and they went nuts. Running up and down the rows announcing they had found the baby section or that this color was close, that pattern was to boyish etc... Together they made some great choices and the room is definitely starting to come together.

It's pretty awesome that they all want to be so involved but I am so outnumbered that I feel like my voice gets lost every once in awhile. Everywhere we go they are all checking out girl everything to make sure we're prepared for her arrival in June.

So yeah, my superhero, ninja, monster boys are putting in most of the effort for Project Getting Girly. My husband puts in his two cents whenever we're voting on stuff and comes up with the best questions and comments that show me that baby girl is on his mind a lot. The other day a package came in the mail and he got giddy excited. he excitedly announced that he had bought the perfect thing for baby. He went and got a baby hanger and came out proudly displaying the cutest little Chicago Bears Cheerleading uniform that you ever saw.

Yep. We're all more than a little excited.

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