Friday, August 24, 2012

The day that changed my life

That's the theme for this years Ladies Home Journal Essay Contest. My friend sent me the info and encouraged me to participate.

First of all, color me flattered. Well done my friend, well done.

Second of all, color me flummoxed.

I went to my trusted advisors to figure out what story to write. Larry, Curly & Moe all voted for when I met their dad.

Of course this might be because its the most recent story that I told them. Or, r it could be because I tell an awesome story and any story that involves someone falling flat on their face and eating grass is a sure fire winner.

Just in case it's not the most awesome thing I can come up with I made everyone sit down for a brainstorming session.

We came up with:

When I had kids
When I met my husband
When Moe drowned
When I moved to Hawaii
When my son chose his future wife

Here's the conundrum. Do I make them laugh or cry? Pretty sure I don't want to do both simultaneously but other than that I could use your advice. Are you up for a few heartfelt tears or hearty guffaws?

The essay is judged equally on originality, theme, use of language and creativity. I know I can handle sticking to the theme. I don't understand the use of language, does that mean keep it clean, use big words or that I need to retake grammar class?

The original and creative parts have me a little stumped. The ideas above are not very original. Should I go classic and add a twist or should I pull out a random and tie it in? I'm leaning toward pulling a random but I want to make sure that I dont lie about it being the day that changed my life. A lot of days have changed my life.

To get my creative juices flowing can I cheat off of you?

What are some of your top life changing moments? Better yet, If you know me, what do you think mine are?

Thanks for reading through my whinges and whines on the contest, I know its the most intriguing post I've ever written.

Oooooo, the whinges and whines have given me an idea!

What about an explosive poop story. A baby did it, not me, so that could be funny not gross right? And it was a life lesson that I will always deal with the nasty stuff, my husband will never save the day if it smells or looks weird.

Okay, I'll keep brainstorming.

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  1. i prefer funny stories so that's my vote. :o)