Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Its been 6 weeks since my last posting

My name is B and I am a bad blogger.

Thank yous go out to my dad and my sweet friend that commented on my lack of postings. You gave me the push I needed to get back on my blogging bandwagon.

So now I'm back and I have so much to share there's not really any way to make it fit. Settle in with your blanket and cocoa, it's going to be a long read.

1. I recovered from the great fall of 2012. I can now sit comfortably again and have almost stop groaning like a 90 year old every time I move. I haven't braved the roller rink since the accident but I plan to soon.

2. My sweet niece left. Mekana was a lot of fun to have around this summer. 6 weeks with the trifecta of 8 year olds was filled with adventure and learning. Lots and lots of learning. Larry and Mekana butted heads a bit but I think they will forget all of that by the next time they see each other. Moe misses Mekana a lot. She shared his room over the summer and read to him every night. He wants her back asap.

3. We started a new school year. I went back to work July 23rd and we've been in full go mode ever since. I love having summers off with my boys and hated going back to school this year. Many contemplations of homeschooling were whirling around in my brain. Larry had an asthma attack 3 days into the new school year, only I didnt know it was an asthma attack at first and thought he had gone off his rocker as he had hourly meltdowns screaming and shouting and wailing and stomping. I spent the first 3 days of school crying and dealing with conversations about dropping out of school and hating the world. I was seriously scared. When he couldnt breathe on the 3rd day I wanted to jump for joy. I can deal with asthma. a sullen depressed teenager attitude at the tender age of 8, not so much. The bummer is there was no identifiable trigger so now I get to have the worry that he may have a new trigger and that it may be stress and how in the *!*@#* am i supposed to deal with that?

4. My youngest son Moe is officially in Kindergarten. I may have mentioned last year that he was in PreKindergarten at our public school. Its practically the same thing but somehow it all feels drastically different and Im pretty sure I lost my baby forever. He loves school. Kindergarten is huge this year so they had to add a 7th teacher at the last moment. Moe got assigned to the 7th teacher. He loves her and I am becoming cautiously confident that she will be good for him. Its taken me a while to get to this place and I've practiced a lot of "if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all."

5. Ive made a commitment to pull myself together. That means a range of things from showering daily all the way to not working so much. Two weeks in and I'm not failing. I'm not succeeding yet either but sometimes its about the baby steps.

6. We quit the Boy Scouts. I submitted our letter of resignation today. They probably didnt need one but I needed to write one. Turns out their membership policy explicitly prohibits homosexuals. Im not a gay pride sort of gal and I was really torn on how I wanted to react to this information. My husband felt pretty strongly that its discrimination. I wondered if our local Pack could just ignore the national rule and we could still participate. We explained homosexuality to our sons and asked them what they thought of the rule. My twins have been giddy over scouts since they started in May and I thought there was no way they would ever want to quit. Curly said, "If everyone cant do it, then I dont want to do it. Its not fair." There's no arguing with that. So $400 later we are no longer Boy Scout members and we've taken a stand against discrimination.

7. We are on a new family plan. I read an outstanding book "Cleaning House - a mom's 12-month experiment to rid her house of youth entitlement" by Kay Wills Wyma. I didnt agree with everything but she finally helped me to make sense of why kids need chores and what they should gain from having them. I took a few parts of her system and sat the family down to discuss some big family changes. We started Aug. 1st and its not a total winner so far but we're getting there, after all it takes awhile to turn entitlement into empowerment. Along with the whole chores thing we're also on a get healthy and save money thing. Like I said, its a whole family plan. I'll tell you more after we've made it through the first month, I'm sure you'll be tired of hearing about the great "family plan" by then time we reach next summer.

8. I watched a lot of TV this summer and cant stop thinking about how it all affects me. The whole family watched all of the seasons of "Monk" together and we turned into ridiculous detectives. Then I watched "My Boys" and became fascinated with Chicago and pretty sure that I need new friends (I'll write a post on this later too). Of course we tuned in to the Olympics. Larry cheered for anyone wearing orange (so like 1 person in one cycling race, orange is not a popular country color) and all the boys began plotting their road to olympic stardom. Now I'm watching "White Collar" and "Burn Notice" and I've been treating my days like I'm planning an op and walking around like I have some new personality.

That's all that I can think of for now but I'm back baby so expect more riotous fun coming your way soon!

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