Saturday, February 25, 2012

Precious moments

Not the little figurines.

Yesterday and today have been filled with precious moments! So precious that we could have been featured in those little figurines!

Last night I took two of my boys along with my sister and my mother in law to a free movie night at Arts and Cultural center. We got to watch Dolphin Tale under the stars. My sons adored the movie and my 5 yr old adored seeing so many of his friends.

He spends a lot of time being drug around to my meetings, his twin brothers activities and family outings. He doesnt have a lot of his own stuff yet.

Last night he got to see his good friend who had just moved back on island. They saved us a spot on the grassy lawn and my 5 yr old was on top of the world that his friend wanted to sit with him.

Once the movie started his best friend and future wife came over to share popcorn with him. They then spent the rest of the movie sharing blankets, popcorn and sitting as humanly close to each other as possible. It was a sight to see!!

As for me, there are a handful of people that just make me smile and feel happy whenever I see them. Almost all of them were there last night!! That means I was flying high with happiness at seeing so many sweet friends in one place :)

Funny part is, I didnt really want to go. I had a long week of diseases, injuries, doctor visits, getting yelled at, scheduling mishaps and general mayhem. By the time Friday rolled around I just wanted to crawl into bed and ignore everything. I'm glad I forced myself to have fun with my kids, it was soooooo worth it!

Precious moment #2 was my husband staying home with our currently quarantined son (seems like there's been one of these every week for way too long!). They rented Dolphin Tale from RedBox and had movie snacks in bed while they snuggled and watched the movie. My son was on cloud nine level happiness over this time with his daddy.

This morning life got even more entertaining. My husband sat our 5 yr old down for a serious discussion on career goals and how he was going to provide for his future wife. The 5 yr old decided that they would live in Kihei , close to Grandma, have their own house and that he would be an artist. When my husband pointed out that it's expensive to live in Hawaii and that artists dont usually make much money my son decided he could have a small house. Glad we got that settled, now he just has to run it by his future wife :)

Precious moment #4 my oldest son came up with a family challenge. This morning as my husband was telling me to buy more beer our son says, "I bet you cant go a whole month without drinking beer daddy!" My husband assures him that it would be easy and so our son challenges him. Then I said, "Then you have to do a challenge too." So he came up with this last:

Daddy - one month of no beer
Mommy - one month of exercising every day
Oldest son - one month no grumpy attitude
Middle son - one month of brushing his hair everyday
Youngest son - one month of keeping his room clean

These ideas were right on the tip of his tongue. I guess he must have been thinking about them for awhile :)

We all agreed that this would be an entertaining family challenge and we're going to start on Monday. I think everyone is betting that either my oldest son or myself will be the first losers.

We also came up with punishments and prizes for the challenge. The punishment if you dont make it the whole month is taking the dog out to pee in the morning everyday for one week.

We all hate this job (my husband has never actually done this job, but he hates the dog so same/same).

The prize if you make the whole month is you get to pick a choose your own island adventure and the whole family has to do it with you with a good attitude.

Want to do a family challenge with us? Let me know if you want to join in, it promises to make for a very entertaining month.

Two more precious moments and I'm done, I promise.

Next, my oldest son has been dying to play backgammon. Except he doesnt know what its called and hes only ever played it on my phone where it tells you where to put the pieces.

We cleaned out a closet last week and found the backgammon board and every day since he's been begging to play "that" game. I told him that it's his daddys favorite board game but he didn't want to play him because he said daddy would beat him. So daddy had the twins go up against each other and I got to sit here typing while I listened to three of them discuss strategy and praise each other for their "sweet moves." This was one of those parenting moments where being a parent feels awesome and one of those kids moments that you carry as a cherished memory for years to come.

Finally, we have a 5yr old girls Fancy Nancy party to attend today. Quarantine boy and Sir Limps a Lot (aka our twins) will be enjoying a movie with Grandma while my husband and I take our youngest to this gala event. To prepare we bought a fancy present, wrapped it in fancy paper, daddy tied a fancy bow and my youngest and I made a fancy card (card making with my boys deserves its own post, we really get into it!!). Then we faced the conundrum of how a boy can dress fancy. Of course this brought up all sorts of quips in my husbands and I's heads but we kept a straight face and helped our little guy out. We went around the house collecting all the fancy attire we could (a bumblebee hat, a thor hammer and monster pajamas all received vetoes). He ended up in a buzz lightyear belt, suspenders and a bow tie and I am smiling ear to ear every time I look at him. He ran out to the dining room announcing, "Now that's fancy!" as he showed off his outfit.

See? Precious moments, my weekend has been filled with them :) Its a good thing because I need something to balance out the yelling and the mess and the chaos that tries to crowd in and ruin everything.

Hope you have a precious moment this weekend too!

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