Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's hard to stay home

I really, really want some entire days spent at home. I love my home, I love being here, I never get bored in it and yet it's very hard to stay here for an entire day. One of my many mental issues I suppose.

I resolved to stay home this entire weekend and announced it to my family Friday night. They were all fine with it. I woke up Saturday morning and realized Aikido had started so we couldn't stay home. So, change of plans and 1.5 hrs of twins at Aikido and the youngest and I at Home Depot and Walmart.

I could handle this. I felt slightly defeated because it was supposed to be the entire weekend, but I was coping.

Then about 15 times yesterday there was some reason to run an errand or someone that wanted to go somewhere. It was a mental battle to make myself realize I could run the errand later, there was no urgency. It was a battle with the kids to explain why I wanted us to stay home every time they came up with a fun plan to go somewhere. Most weekends I am begging them to want to do something or go somewhere but the one weekend I just wanted to be home everyone decided to change opposite of me. To top it all off last night my husband, who does not make plans, EVER, suggested we have a family day in Lahaina today! What?!? I went a little looney bins on him as I not so calmly explained that we were staying home no matter what!

Once I jumped all these hurdles I enjoyed my day yesterday and my whole family enjoyed theirs too. Then last night I was sanding the table and prepping it to be refinished. I worked on it for about 1.5 hrs and then I ran out of sand paper.

You can guess what happened next. I was no longer coping. I was pushed into a corner and feeling forced to leave my home.

So today I have to go to Lowes and buy sandpaper and since we'll be out already we have to stop at Borders for my oldest to spend his gift card.

So much for staying home :(

But maybe if I keep it under an hour and a half it doesn't need to count because then we are just equal to what happened yesterday.....

Yep, that'll work.

As long as it's balanced it won't drive me crazy that we are breaking the one rule I set for the weekend.

Now you know, and probably wish you didn't, the battles that have raged in my head this weekend.

Welcome to my crazy world!

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