Monday, November 8, 2010

What is time for B?

Well, today Time for B was creating this blog.

It is slightly formidable when you google "starting a blog." As I looked through other peoples and pondered what I liked about the few I follow I decided I needed a focus. I get most of my venting done to a select group of friends on facebook so what part of my life should I choose to share with the world?

I chose...drumroll please...myself!

Friends, family and not so nice people are regularly telling me that I should be doing more for me. In a 24hr time period I don't know how to fit that in. Really, I am lucky to get a 10 minute shower and that pretty much sums up the time I take for myself most days. Before you feel sorry for me/want to shake some sense into me, let me explain. I choose to focus on my family, my job, my chores, my community, my church, my pets, pretty much anything other than me... I like it that way, it makes me feel noble. It's everyone else who tells me it should change. So I am viewing this blog as a challenge to do something for myself everyday and blog about it. We'll see if I find merit in it(probably) and if I actually follow through with it (I don't have a good track record).

It's go big or go home time so I am hereby pledging to keep this blog alive and active for at least one year. What have I gotten myself into?

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